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Sales Obstacles : 

Sales Obstacles Objections Rejections Conflict

Objections : 

Objections Interruptions or negative excuse during the process 80-20 Rule May be genuine or fake Early objection for right reason is a blessing

Common Objection Types : 

Common Objection Types No Money I cannot afford No Value It costs too much No Need I do not need it now No Interest I am not interested No Time I cannot talk right now No Authority I am not in charge

Rejection : 

Rejection Discard, Refuse to accept, Throw away as not to be used Not given due attention (what is perceived by the seller)

Rejection handling : 

Rejection handling Average 4 no for every yes Analyze the call structure and find maximum rejection point and correct Focus on +, than rejections Do not take it personally, as message is rejected, which can be corrected You can never be perfect Reduce fear of rejection by more attempts (Always look for new customers)

Conflict : 

Conflict Not the difference of opinion, but sticking to your own opinion Conversational form of structuring makes conflict less frequent and more polite Arise as client needs are not specified at the beginning

Conflict Resolution : 

Conflict Resolution Supportive communication reduce conflict, defensive communication increase conflict Adopt problem solving approach Empathy Selling momentum to buying momentum

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