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Slide 1: 

BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICAL LIMITED (BHEL) HARIDWAR Training Seminar on Electrical Machines project2010BY:- MOHD.AFAQUE IQBAL EN ‘G’ 47 COER

About the corporation: : 

About the corporation: Background: BHEL is the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in the energy-related / infrastructure sector, today. BHEL was established more than 40 years ago . The company has been earning profits continuously since 1971-72 and paying dividends since 1976-77. BHEL caters to core sectors of the Indian Economy viz., Power Generation & transmission, Industry, Transportation, Telecommunication, Renewable Energy and Defence etc.

BHEL has : 

BHEL has Installed equipment for over 90,000 MW of power generation – for utilities, captive and Industrial users. Supplied over 225000 MVA transformer capacity and other equipment operating in Transmission and Distribution network upto 400 KV (AC & DC). Supplied over 25000 Motors with drive control system to power projects, petrochemicals, Refineries, Steel, Aluminum, Fertilizer, Cement plants, etc. Supplied Traction electrics and AC / DC locos to power over 12000 Kms Railway network. Supplied over one million valves to power plants and other Industries organization.

BHEL, Haridwar : 

BHEL, Haridwar Vision:- A world class Engineering Enterprise committed to Enhancing stakeholder value. Mission:- To be an Indian Multinational Engineering Enterprise providing total Business solutions through quality products, systems and services in the fields of Energy, Industry, Transportation. Infrastructure and other potential areas.

BHEL, Haridwar Complex : 

BHEL, Haridwar Complex Area:- BHEL, Haridwar complex consist of two manufacturing units, namely Heavy Electrical Equipment Plant (HEEP) and central Foundry, Forge Plant (CFFP). The approximate area of these plant is a follows: HEEP: 0.845 sq km. (Approx.) CFFP: 1.0 sq km. (Approx.)

Location:- : 

Location:- BHEL, Haridwar complex is situated in the foot hills of Shivalik range in Haridwar district of Uttaranchal state. The main Administrative Building is a distance of about 6 km from Haridwar Railway station. Product Profile HEEP Products Installed capacity (Licensed) Thermal Sets 3000 MW Hydro Sets 625 MW Electric Machines 450 MW Gas Turbines @60MW to 600 MW Super Rapid gun 3 Nos.

Slide 7: 

CFFP Products Installed capacity (Licensed) Castings 6000 MT Forgings Heavy forgings 2410 MT Medium forgings 3000 MT Billets and Blooms 4000 MTCI Castings 7180 MT Non ferrous castings 250 MT

Slide 8: 

Block-I (Electrical Machines) Major Facilities:- Machine shop, winding bar preparation, assembling, painting section, packing and preservation, oven speed balancing, test bed, test stand, micalastic impregnation, babbitting etc. Products:- Turbo generators, exciters, Motors (AC & DC).

Slide 9: 

Manufacturing Facilities:- HEEP Haridwar plant is equipped with most modern and sophisticated machines tools, facilities and test equipment to manufacture and test generators upto 1000 MW rating, which include. 1) Most modern micalastic insulation plant for stator bars. 2) Over speed and vacuum balancing tunnel. 3) Kollmann rotor slot milling machine upto maximum barrel length of 7000 mm, barrel diameter of 1800 mm and rotor weight of 225 tones. 4) Two computerized test beds to test large size generators upto 1000 MW.

Slide 10: 

5) Wotan CNC horizontal boring maching. 6) Center lathe machine upto maximum length of 16 m and diameter of 3.15 m. 7) Insulation life endurance test assessment facility.

Slide 11: 

Turbo Generator Main Components:- 1. Stator: Stator Frame End Shields Bushing Compartment. Stator Frame: The stator frame consist of a cylindrical center section and two end shields which are gas tight and pressure resistant. 2. Rotor

Slide 12: 

Total Impregnation facility in BHEL:- Facilities:- 1. Impregnation capacity upto turbo generators of 470 MVA. 2. Main Impregnation tank. height = 4.5 meters and length = 9 meters. 3. Resin tank 5 number of tank with a storage capacity = 12000 litres per tank. 4. Total resin storage capacity = 60,000 litres. 5. Explosive proof software controlled oven with rotor facility.

Slide 13: 

VPI Process:- 1. Assembly of winding bars in green stage and impregnation of assembled wound core. 2. Pre heating and curing oven for about 1hour. 3. Drying under vacuum (< = 0.1 m bar) 4. Impregnation with resin mix and pressure is increased gradually to ensure filling of voids. 5. Curing in oven at 145oC for minimum 8 hours. 6. Epoxy resin fills all gaps / voids by capillary action without blocking vent canals due to its low viscosity.

Slide 14: 

Process Before:- Stator bar Stator bar Stator bar forming  Insulation  Impregnation Number of parallel activities = 2 Stator Stator Stator frame Core Winding and fabrication  assembly  assembly

Slide 15: 

Process After:- Stator bar Core Assembly Stator frame fabrication   forming Number of parallel machine activities = 3 stator Stator frame    Stator bar insulation Impregnation of wound core Stator Assembly

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