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Android application trend in mobile market It is really amazing to think about the possibilities that are available within the mobile application industry and the features which mobile application developers and mobile application development firms are able to develop into a specific mobile application. The mobile application industry has taken huge steps in the last few years and with each passing week, there are new mobile applications which are introduced to various mobile application marketplaces (such as Apple’s iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace and Google’s Android Mobile App Marketplace) that are changing the way individuals from all around the world conduct their lives and communicate with each other. Android phones are the latest trend in the mobile market. Android is an open source platform and therefore the affordable and much convenient mobile platform for mobile development. This is the reason why significant number of mobile developers across the world is now concentrating towards the Android phones and Android application development as their primary technology for mobile apps development. Some of the latest functionalities and features offered by the Android platform for application development have included Cloud based service integration. Cloud computing has helped out different companies to efficiently manage IT and also make the best use of the utilities and promotion of their own services. There have been many popular Android apps which has taken advantage of the Location based feature offered by Google which is basically an extension of the Google map feature. In mobile web app development on Android mainly the C, C++ and java languages are used therefore a programmer well versed in Java can very easily learn and work on Android apps. It also provides numerous other benefits such as availability of wide and comprehensive library for audio, video, image files, 2D/3D graphics, GPS, video camera and touch screen for applications. It is possible to create dynamic and attractive graphic works using Android’s 2D and 3D graphics library. Even complex applications can be built easily and rapidly using Android because Android platform allows repetitive use of same code. This saves lot of developer’s time too. Mobile app developers who work Android application development can sell off their mobile solutions in the Android Market and even publicize it via a website. Android Marketplace is basically an application store which was launched by Google for Android-based apps distribution. The apps are created and distributed by developers worldwide and the store now

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boasts of more than 200,000 Android apps which prove that it is second to the iOS and is fast catching up in popularity. One such Android mobile apps developer is Which offers advanced Android application development services at comparatively affordable prices. For more details just click on - mobile application development company | iPhone application development | iPad application development

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