Choose The Right Type of Jumbo Crate for your Packaging Needs


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Choose The Right Type of Jumbo Crate for your Packaging Needs:

Choose The Right Type of Jumbo Crate for your Packaging Needs


Introduction Every business has different material handling equipment requirements. One indispensible part of the entire process is the actual handling and storage of crates. Crates , particularly jumbo crates, are used to pack, transport, handle, preserve and retain the quality of the goods. They come in a variety of sizes and can fulfil almost any kind of requirement. The food sector, in particular

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Businesses usually have to choose between investing in wooden crates or plastic crates. While both types of jumbo crates have their advantages, many industries are moving more towards plastic crates suppliers to give them a more efficient product. Let’s have a look at the features of both wooden crates and jumbo crates made by plastic crates suppliers.

Plastic Jumbo Crates:

Plastic Jumbo Crates Made with food grade high density polyethylene HDPE, these plastic jumbo crates are ideal for a large variety of storage applications. They have a high level of strength and sturdiness and a goof resistance to scratches. Jumbo crates have a long lifespan and, as a result, positively affect overall running costs. Jumbo crates are easy to clean and disinfect.

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According to a business’ need, plastic crates suppliers can also create double wall variants for heavy duty usage. As they are water resistant and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, jumbo crates can be used in almost any situation from humid situations to hydro cooling. There are less handling issues by using plastic jumbo crates due to the absence of screws, nails, splinters and chipping so safety is an added feature. It is advisable to use liners in plastic jumbo crates so that goods are not damaged during the material handling process .

Wooden Jumbo Crates:

Wooden Jumbo Crates Known to be one of the most durable types of jumbo crates among material handling equipment, wooden jumbo crates are inexpensive, easy to repair and are made of recyclable material. Wooden jumbo crates are secure and stackable. They make efficient use of space due to their universal size and are compatible with all kinds of material handling equipment.

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Even though wooden jumbo crates are essentially strong, eventual wear and tear can produce splinters, protruding nails, and shrinking. This means that that they are not long-lasting and need to be replaced more regularly as opposed to plastic jumbo crates. In the long run, it’s not wise to make a big investment in wooden jumbo crates because plastic crates suppliers actually fulfill all requirements – safety of products and material handling equipment needs – at a lower cost .

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These are just some of things to keep in mind when choosing the right type of jumbo crates for your material handling equipment needs. Make sure that you consult a high- quality plastic crates supplier who can effectively guide you through the process.

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