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Reasons why plastic crates are the best alternative as compared to others.


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Plastic Crates Page 1 WHY PLASTIC CRATES

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Plastic Crates Page 2 Plastic Crates: A smart eco-friendly and effective alternative for the cardboard boxes When it comes to moving homes or even moving things from one place to another the first thing that comes to our mind is cardboard boxes. It is always the top most items in your checklist and along with that you also end up buying multiple items packing tape scissors etc. to ensure these cardboard boxes do not tear or fall apart if you have overstuffed them. With all these problems surrounding the cardboard boxes there has to be an alternative to them. And now that we are in the 21st century there obviously is an alternative to these boxes and they are PLASTIC CRATES. They are the perfect alternatives for your everyday cardboard boxes and here are some reasons why they are better:

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Plastic Crates Page 3 Environment Friendly Plastic crates are environment friendly as they bring down the number of cardboard boxes manufactured and used. Plastic crates do not harm the environment in any way and are 100 recyclable. Once you are using the plastic crate you will not go back to using a cardboard box as it is obviously the better option among the two. Cardboard boxes are made from trees which harm the environment you would also need tape to bind them result in harming the environment as well.

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Plastic Crates Page 4 Easy to Pack Like mentioned in the earlier parts of this article cardboard boxes come with the hassle of packing them and ensuring that they do not fall apart amidst the travel. Whereas Plastic Crates do not need any adhesive or tape to ensure them they are fitted with lids that are interlinked and fit into each other when closed. The interlinking feature also ensures that the lid is properly closed and negates the chances of it opening during the transit.

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Plastic Crates Page 5 No Need to Build Cardboard boxes are flat when you get them. That’s where you have to begin you first have to build them once that is done you need to make sure that the bottom is perfectly taped so that the things do not fall out of the box. Plastic crates come as boxes that are built you put your stuff in them and shut the lid and you are ready for it to be shipped.

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Plastic Crates Page 6 Borrow and Return When you buy cardboard boxes they become a possession and when you are moving the last thing you want is to own something new. When it comes to plastic crates you do not need to buy them you just borrow them from online websites as well as offline stores and then return then once you have completed your moving. You can get them here and have them delivered at your doorstep or pick them up from a close-to-home location. Keeping the above points in mind it is time we reduce the use of cardboard boxes and promote plastic crates to make your moving job easy while helping the environment as well.

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