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 05/09/2019 Guide to converting Blogs into Videos Tired of publishing in-depth blogs but still not getting enough engagement Thinking of ways you can change content to attract audience Wait. Think. May be your content isn’t the problems sometimes the mode of communication can also be a drawback. It’s time you repurpose your blogs into videos. And if you are thinking about it Congratulations You’ve come to the right place Here’s a complete guide to all your questions and confusions. Choose the blog that you want to change into an animated informative video. These videos are called vlogs. These videos can be shared to social media pages and gets way more audience engagement. Keep in mind to choose a blog that is interesting and will look good as a video. Also choose good images or videos that can be used in the video. Remember Actions speak louder than words and videos are all about actions According to recent reports video content will account for 86 of all internet traffic by 2019. Over 70 of marketers and start-up owners said that they would increase investment in video marketing this year. Videos have become a primary mode of product promotion audience engagement and business improvement. Internet users love videos rather than long posts and the reasons are quite simple. -Reading takes much longer than watching and time is a huge issue these days. -Videos have high retention rate because of the visuals which aids our brain to remember better. Videos allow you to enhance the value of high-quality content by changing it to serve various purposes. For B L O G  SHARE 

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this reason videos work great for tutorials. Writing a tutorial blog usually requires a lot of texts while users get bored reading them. They want something short simple and crisp. Videos make it easier for the audience to follow the procedure which will in turn help you get loyal customers. There are many apps that lets you convert your blog posts into videos. Lumen5 It is an AI video creation platform using which you can turn blog posts into videos. Just enter a blog post URL or copy and paste content to start with a video. You can add texts and music too. The rendering process takes a few minutes to complete. Wibbitz Wibbitz is an online text-to-video platform that automatically analyzes and converts text content or blog posts into videos. You can use text graphics videos photos and music to create attractive vlogs in seconds. ActivePresenter ActivePresenter is a desktop application that provides you with many features to bring out the creative you. You can easily convert old posts into videos record screen and create exciting videos. It also has a facility to design interactive eLearning content that helps eLearning designers. Now that you have everything to begin with start turning your blogs into attractive vlogs and get ready to receive loads of likes comments and shares. V I S I T E D 1 5 T I M E S 1 V I S I T S T O D A Y SHARE THIS      P R E V I O U S P O S T ← A Big gift without a big price tag N E X T P O S T

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