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Niko Shefer:

Niko Shefer Teaches the Literature of the English Language Niko Shefer


Niko Shefer teaches literature of the English language which evolved in Britain and Ireland prior to the 19th century, and then emerged in Scotland, Wales, the outer reaches of Ireland, the United States, and even far flung parts of the British Empire. The English language has emerged and adapted over a period of 1400 years.


The Anglo-Saxons of the fifth century originated the earliest form, Old English. The Norman Conquest of England introduced what is known today as Middle English. The innovation of the printing press and the publication of the King James Bible caused yet another controversial turning point to Early Modern English.


Professor Niko Shefer educates students in the history, multiple meanings and context analysis of English Literature at South Africa University in South Africa, South Africa. Shefer has studied and analyzed even the earliest Anglo-Saxon literature, of which there are approximately 400 surviving manuscripts.


Anglo-Saxon writings of Old English are influenced by various Germanic tribes which settled in England after the end of Roman occupation. Epic poetry, sermons, chronicles and legal writings dominate this group. Such works of literature of the period as the Battle of Maldon and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle deal with history and the invasion of the Vikings.


Oral tradition dominated this period, and Shefer’s instruction of Old English literature emphasizes the dependence upon performance art of epic poems like Beowulf. Authors of the period are largely unknown, with only Caedmon, Bede, Grace, Alfred the Great and Cynewulf definitely identified with literary writings of the period.

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