Niko Shefer- How to Become an Eternal Student


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Niko Shefer donates his time to a local church as a youth minister – Niko Shefer is also a respected professor at the University in South Africa.


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How to Become an Eternal Student by Niko Shefer:

How to Become an Eternal Student by Niko Shefer


Niko Shefer , an English literature professor through the University of Oslo in Oslo, Norway, is a respected academic and a lifelong student. In his own words, he is an “eternal student .” Eternal students like Niko Shefer base their lives around learning. Often, like Mr. Shefer , these motivated scholars take up education roles, but that isn’t a requirement. All that you need to do to become an eternal student is apply simple practices like those touched on below :


Foster the Right Mentality. Mentality is the primary difference between eternal students and the rest of us. You must think like a lifelong learner. Teach yourself to view intellect and knowledge differently. Studies show that mental growth and improvement is feasible, so try new things to learn about what you enjoy. The more you learn about, the more motivated you will be to study


Change How You View Learning. When you think of learning, you might picture a classroom or a university. While formal education is valuable, it is not the only way to acquire new knowledge. In fact, it is just one of countless methods.


Change your view of learning by considering how you have picked up your most useful skills. For most, the answer is that you learned them from family or friends, by reading a book, from an online article or even with a YouTube video. Learning isn’t confined to classrooms or even books – you can learn anywhere in any way .


You don’t have to enroll in college to join the ranks of lifelong students like Niko Shefer – head to the Internet and look for the many free college-level classes available through websites like Udacity .

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