5 Fascinating Wedding Locations in Perth

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5 Fascinating Wedding Locations in Perth:

5 Fascinating Wedding Locations in Perth


From beautiful natural beauty to unique warehouse spaces depicting the history of the city, Perth is certainly the home of stunning and style-savvy wedding venues. The wonderful climate, splendid scenery and a world-class combination of enthralling heritage and contemporary innovation offer couples a wide range of outstanding wedding locations. To wow your guests and let them talk about your wedding for the years to come, just pick the most fascinating location. Here is the list of 5 such places in Perth.


Quarry Amphitheatre Perth City Farm Indiana Aqwa Function Centre Nedlands Yacht Club

Quarry Amphitheatre:

Quarry Amphitheatre The Quarry Amphitheatre is an outstanding option that is located in City Beach and hence easily accessible. It is bid in size and stature. It is beautifully carved into a limestone hillside and offers a large clandestine shelter area for your reception. The tiered seating area provided here is the biggest eminence of this place.

Perth City Farm:

Perth City Farm For an interesting farm style wedding, Perth City Farm is the perfect location to choose. Speccy graphic art, beautiful strings of lights and the stunning barn give you the excellent reasons to pick this place as your wedding location. You can capture the finest moments at this beautiful place by hiring the best wedding photographer in Perth .


Indiana For the couples who wish to organize archetypal beach wedding, Indiana is the right place to finalize. It is located on the Cottesloe Beach, a popular beach of Perth where your invitees can easily attend your event. This place landscapes incessant ocean views and offers perfect picturesque to attract your guests. Indiana is the perfect venue for all size wedding, big or small.

Aqwa Function Centre:

Aqwa Function Centre If you have wished to organize the most unusual and unique wedding event and looking for a completely different option, then Aqwa Function Centre is that name. Showcasing two splendid ocean side scenes, Aqwa Function Centre perfectly offers the aquarium-like case to rejoice the wedding moments in that. Also, to collect the beautiful memories of the day, connect with the right Perth wedding photography service.

Nedlands Yacht Club:

Nedlands Yacht Club Bring your beautiful wedding dreams to life by selecting the venue that could offer you the exceptional opportunity to create your event in a really distinct way. Nedlands Yacht Club is that unique opportunity to go with. It is situated on the bank of River Swan and sited just a few kilometres from CBD of Perth. One can easily reach this beautiful location.

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