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America del Sur, Chile, Aracama, Laguna Chaxa, Flamencos


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Sunset At Atacama Flaming o s

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Atacama Salt Flat Of all the Salt Flats of the North of Chile, is the largest and the most impresive . Located in the driest zone of the world , covers an area of 3000 km2 ( 75.000 acres) aprox. and is 100 km long by 80 km wide . It contains the greater reserves of lithium of the world , a mineral used mainly in batteries . Flamingos at the Chaza lagoon Located at Los Flamencos natural reserve, high more than 2400 meters, in the center of the one of the most barren desserts of the world It is a superficial salt lagoon in whose margins is found the Andean flamingo , the Chilean specimen, whose beauty contrast with the wildness of the region Near the Andes Mountain, you can marvel with the view of the imposing volcano Licancabur ( 5916 m) in the Chile-Bolivia boundary Sunset is the perfect time to enjoy the changing colors of the surrounding mountains

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Music: Kalamarca Song: Valle de la Luna By Maria Chilean Flamingo They measure between 4 and 5 feet (1.20 m to 1.50 m) high, the Chilean Flamingos are large birds that weigh between thirteen and sixteen pounds (6 and 7 kg. Approx.)   Social and gregarious birds live in flocks of up to several thousand individuals, breeding, feeding and flying all together. Flamingos can live up to 50 years in wild land

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