A week in London


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A Week in London

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Entrance to Buckingham Palace

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View of Parliament House and Big Ben from Westminster Bridge on the Times

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I wait untill 12 o’clock to listen to the music given by the clock The bell sound: The Westminster Quarters is the most common name for a melody used by a set of clock bells to chime on each quarter hour Technically, Big Ben is the massive bell inside the clock tower, which weighs more than 13 tons (13,760 kg).

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View of «Eye of London» and pier from Westminster Bridge

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The Soho, a district plenty of restaurants, my preferred place to eat ethnic food

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There are also, very British old bars & taverns. Londoners love to stop and have a drink

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The Globe, where Shakespeare‘s plays are performed as in his day

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The interior of the theater was rebuilt after a fire, the pictures on the walls are a marvel, it s open only in Spring and Summer because it has no roof

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The Millennium Bridge (built by Norman Foster and Partners) cross the River Thames connecting The Globe with Saint Paul Cathedral and The City

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Millennium Bridge, a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians, when crossing it on have good views of the Eye of London and the London Bridge

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The Great Court of the British Museum, is now covered by glass, a work by Norman Foster

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Admission is free, the museum opens daily from 10 to 5.30

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The Egyptian Collection has lots of interesting objects, not only mummies. There are also collections at The Louve, the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Cairo Museum

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“King's Library” is a royal collection of books created by King George III and the oldest room, now known as The Enlightement Gallery, Discovering the World in the Eighteenth Century, is the collection it now houses

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A typical Rusell Square house

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Notting Hill, is a trendy quartier. Portobello Market on Portobello Road, is a pleasure to stroll along, to look and buy antiques or just souveniers

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Pedestrians must wait for signal to cross Note the still working mail box with the collection times

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Graffiti on a wall of races on line and tv agency

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Nice plenty of colour houses in Notting Hill

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Incredible beautiful Victorian houses, also in Notting Hill

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Bykes are popular and everywhere , these are at Hide Park’ s entrance

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A classic at Saint James Park, deck chairs waiting for customers ( they are not free)

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The lake ( Serpentine) at Hyde Park, beautiful Autumnul view

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Crossing Green Park at sunset, all seems to be golden

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At Picadilly Circus, people meet to watch the sun setting over Picadilly Road

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Picadilly Road at Sunset

Slide 36:

Waiting for a taxi

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All is golden at the Ritz Hotel

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The “Eye of London” at night

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By Maria mocampos@gmail.com Music Gerry Rafferty: Baker Street Coldplay: Yellow My photos were taken during a visit , last October Buckingham Palace Parliament Houses Big Ben Eye of London Soho The Globe ( Theatre) Millennium Bridge Saint Paul British Museum Notting Hill Hyde Park Saint James Park Green Park Picadilly Circus Ritz Hotel

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