Benefits of Using Micro-Inverters in a Solar Energy System

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Wondering what is solar micro-inverters and how is this connected to a solar power system?


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Benefits of Using Micro- Inverters in a Solar Energy System Wondering what is solar microinverters and how is this connected to a solar power system It is a small inverter that converts direct current DC generated by a single solar module to alternating current AC by using a plug-and-play device in solar photovoltaic PV. Generally installed at a ratio of one per solar panel. In one of the international country most of the solar PV systems by contrast has a single centralized inverter known as a string inverter. However photovoltaic experts often recommend

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microinverters instead of string inverter in spite of being less expensive. This medium is due to the many advantages and benefits of microinverters So let’s get started and have a look at few benefits and advantages of having a solar PV system that uses microinverters instead of a string inverter. Considering the functionality of converting DC electricity into appliance- friendly AC electricity and excluding the whistles and bells that can come with microinverters depending on the solar power manufacturer there are many advantages. Faster Installation Process of Solar Energy Within your home solar power system microinverter independently attached to each of the solar photovoltaic panels. Therefore the installation process of the solar energy is often faster as the solar panels are not wired together in strings which in turn saves on labor charges. Microinverters are Efficient and Reliable With a string inverter the energy output of the entire system drops down due to damage or shade on one of the photovoltaic panels. On the other hand installing microinverters in a solar power system make you tense free of

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losing all your electricity production if anyone module underperforms. As a result it is much more reliable and efficient. Monitoring the Electricity Output Installing a string inverter to your home solar power system means tracking the entire energy production whereas with microinverters you can watch the electricity output of each module. Moreover you can also keep track of how each solar photovoltaic panels is performing from anywhere just by using a web-based monitoring system. Less Visible of Solar Energy Equipment Usually string inverters are nearly installed to the utility meter either inside the garage or outside of the home as few models take up a lot of valuable space where most of them are somewhat unsightly. On the other hand with microinverters most of the solar equipment is up with the photovoltaic panels out of view. More extended Solar Warranty Coverage in compare to String Inverters As the parts of string inverters wear out within a shorter period the warranties last for about five to ten years. Whereas the life spans of microinverters are longer and it usually comes with 25 years of guarantees.

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So if you are looking for a long lasting solar photovoltaic components then microinverters can be the right choice. Go solar with SaveGeo Energy one of the fastest growing solar solution providers in India offers solar power engineering generation and selling with mass-scale deployments in a cost-effective risk-controlled and grid- suited approach. We provide a vast range of solar power solutions and services right from rooftop solar solution to ground mounted solutions EPC services to operation maintenance and power sales to on-grid solar.

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