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The presentation shows a real example of a marketing strategy used by a start-up. Inclusive marketing can help engage your audience and drive ROI without having huge marketing budget. The strategy focuses on two things: Finding the people you want to talk to and get them interested in the brand. Againn identified that in the Indian context, entrepreneurs play the role of both early adapters and influencers. They experiment with new products and services and people listen to their recommendations. So the good idea would be to talk to the entrepreneurs. Now to get them interested, you have to talk about something they are really passionate about. Well that is simple, they are passionate about startups. So the team Againn started sharing their own experience with the larger audience. The idea is to share with the fellow entrepreneurs everything you do on a daily basis. That means the cool stuff and also the not so cool stuff. This is because no one likes a listen to just the great things you do. That is not story telling, that is plain intrusive advertising. So team Againn shares their every achievement, strategy, pain points, the trials and the errors with the larger pool. Come.Join Us.Experience a Startup.Live


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Againn MARKETING The inclusive way


AGAINN WOULD ANSWER THEM ALL! Nothing is as intriguing as a start-up. People always want to know more about them Everyone wants to know “what’s going on in there? Why, and how?” AGAINN would answer them all!

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What makes AGAINN special is that it brings forth all its activity, at one place and also lets its followers comment on its activities The FB fans get to know what the team does on a day to day basis. The discussions, strategies and goof-ups With the board room out in the public, fans can take insights from every mistake and achievement of the company EVERYONE IS INVITED

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When they know what is being done, they want to take part, they are sure things are not being misrepresented As AGAINN progresses, it makes the campaign stronger and keeps people interested all along Customers feel they are important as they get to see things happen Customers know the company well and it builds trust, it builds a brand image distinct from other players CUSTOMERS LOVE INCLUSION!

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It helps AGAINN to get customer’s perspective and take it into consideration while making some decisions It gives large amount of feedback Customers provide it at their will and out of interest, this is the best feedback mechanism, customers are never forced to provide feedback As we struggle to innovate, we know our greatest resource is our customer IT’S GOOD TO SHARE

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