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case study of sarvodaya pvt ltd.


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A case study on survodaya pvt. Ltd.:

A case study on survodaya pvt . Ltd.


DIFFICULTIES FACED BY USERS Stove Supporters Supporters were not suitable for the utensils used by Gujarati families. To solve problem, A local workshop was asked to manufacture a ring to fit the supporters at a price of Rs. 1.5 per piece. Stove Burner T he burner had holds giving flames only on the sides, with no central flame. So, problem was faced to prepare certain gujarati dishes like chapati .

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Constant Attention Housewife could not do other activity simultaneously. Because in case of overflow from the pan, the burner immediately got extinguished. Moreover, the burner holes could got blocked with the split food. More Matches The use of the gas stove involved frequent use of matches. Lighter could be designed to meet this problem.

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Apprehensions about Gas People feared fire and explosion. They believed that gas was poisonous. Elderly women opposed. Use of gas stove was resisted because of religious considerations. No Reserve Capacity On many occasion the gas went off in the midst of cooking a meal. There was no indicator to show the quantity of gas inside.

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To solve this problem transparent portion in the cylinder could be provided but the level of liquid gas would not indicate the length of the time the gas would last. Other alternative was to have a small cylinder along side the big one as a reserve.

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To reduce the time between the receving notification and the delivery SPL could increase the staff and vehicles at the central office. Depots in different parts of the city. Could appoint sub-agents for quick delivery of cylinders.

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