The Price of Eggs and Price of College

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The Price of Eggs and Price of College Education in U.S.A:

The Price of Eggs and Price of College Education in U.S.A Presented By: Nikita Agarwal Nitin Boratwar Neha Gupta Parthajit Sar

Price of Eggs in U.S.A:

Price of Eggs in U.S.A Problem: What caused large decline in egg prices in U.S.A? Reasons: Mechanization of Poultry farms. Reduction in cost of egg production. Health conscious people changed their eating habits.

Demand Supply Curve for Egg:

Demand Supply Curve for Egg

Declining Trend in CRT Television:

Declining Trend in CRT Television

Price of College Education in U.S.A.:

Price of College Education in U.S.A . Problem :- What caused an increase in Price of College Education in the U.S. from 1970-2002? Reason:- Increase in cost of modern methodology of teaching viz. libraries , laboratories. Increased cost of class maintenance. Increase in faculty salaries. Result:- Supply curve shifts up.

Demand scenario for Higher Education:

Demand scenario for Higher Education Requirement of undergraduate degree in High School pass outs . Need for better learning through modernisation of education. Demand for College Education Increases. Demand Curve shifts to the right imploring an increase in demand for education among the students.

Demand Supply curve for College Education in U.S.A.:

Demand Supply curve for College Education in U.S.A.

Hospital Services:

Hospital Services  The cost of many medical-care services, including physicians’ services (33%) and dental services (50%), has climbed since 2003 The major factor in the growth of health-care costs is due to spending on new technologies, which “generate demand for more intense, costly services even if they are not necessarily cost-effective.” People’s attitude : Money never matters when it comes to matters of health

Managerial Learning:

Managerial Learning   In today's world people are willing to pay more for better quality and services . Also, people are emotionally attached to service sectors like health and education, so, they are always willing to pay more. Manager should analyze the people’s interest towards product before investing huge in mechanization or technology involve in the supply of product.

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