Reducing the Bounce Rates of Your Website


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We provide valuable tips to reduce your bounce rates of website. Follow these actions and boost your website visibility over web. Call us at +91-782-774-2414 for more enquiry.


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Reducing the Bounce Rates of Your Website:

Reducing the Bounce Rates of Your Website

Bounce Rates & Exit:

Bounce Rates & Exit


The appeal of your website may get badly affected by the bounce rate of your website, if you fail to do something about it. Although this is more common with publishers’ sites and blogs, it could quite happen to any website. Bounce rates are not actually exit rates. They tell you how many people left your website without having a look at the other pages of your website or without taking the action that you wanted them to take.


This measure tells you how long people stick to your website before leaving it and this definitely talks about the success of your website. You need to make sure users spend at least ten minutes of their time on your webpage before they actually leave your site. In order to do this, these are a few steps you need to take:

Ensure your web pages do not take too much time to load:

Ensure your web pages do not take too much time to load

Affordable SEO packages:

Affordable SEO packages Ideally your web page should load within 3 seconds of clicking on your link else your visitors may just get bored. You should make sure your web page opens quickly on mobiles, tablets and iPads too, apart from just the desktop. Some digital marketing companies have included it within their affordable SEO packages so that they can help the website owners gain more customers.

Provide maximum information to your visitors:

Provide maximum information to your visitors


When people search, it is information that they want and if your site will not give the information that they require, they will abandon your site almost immediately.

Try to avoid too many popups or annoying ads:

Try to avoid too many popups or annoying ads


Unless these popups or ads provide the exact information that your visitors are looking for, there is no point including them on your website. In fact unwanted pop-ups or click-ads can make your site seem like spam.

Make use of Internal Links:

Make use of Internal Links


Internal linking is not just a good SEO tactic, but it also helps people stick to your webpage for longer. Make sure these links point to interesting articles that are very much relevant to the content on your website. This will help in reducing the bounce rates and make the visitors hang on to your website for longer.

Reducing Bounce Rates:

Reducing Bounce Rates

Be careful while using external links:

Be careful while using external links


Adding external links too early in your posts and not letting these links open in new windows can increase your bounce rates. Though link building has always been a part of affordable SEO packages, marketers need to be extra cautious when it comes to adding external links from their websites.

Avoid pagination as much as possible:

Avoid pagination as much as possible


Although this looks like a tactic to reduce your bounce rates, you may end up annoying your users if you adopt pagination. People do not mind scrolling so essentially there is no need for pagination.

Impressive Site design:

Impressive Site design The expectations of the users when they visit your site must be fulfilled through your site design. Bad web design can make your visitors leave your website immediately even if you have managed to boost the traffic to your website through PPCs and Tweets.

How to reduce bounce rate:

How to reduce bounce rate

Choose the right Web design company in India for your online business.:

Choose the right Web design company in India for your online business.

Formatting your Articles:

Formatting your Articles When people look for information they also expect the information to be presented to them in a neat format. Try to use catchy headings, clear sub-headings, images, charts and bullet points. When you provide key stats try using bold text. This way even if your article is long people don’t mind reading them till the end.

Mobile-friendly pages:

Mobile-friendly pages In today’s world when most people prefer to use their mobile phones for everything, it is important to make your website mobile-friendly.


These are just a few steps that can help you in reducing the bounce rates to your websites. With time, you may have to change your tactics according to the demands and expectations of the users.

Distributed by Web Brain InfoTech:

Distributed by  Web Brain InfoTech

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