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TAFE Motors and Tractors limited TMTL

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2 2 Company Overview: ● TMTL - TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited TAFE ● TMTL consists of three manufacturing divisions the Tractors Division the Engines Division and the Transmissions Division. ● Based at Alwar Rajasthan the unit manufactures diesel engines in the 5 to 125 kVA range.

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How does a diesel generator produce electricity

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4 How does a diesel generator produce electricity 4 ● The primary function of a diesel generator is to convert mechanical energy created by the combustion of diesel into electrical energy. ● A diesel generator set consists of three parts: diesel engine AC alternator and control panel. ● Inside the generator set the air is drawn into the cylinder and compressed. ● The compressed air is heated to a temperature of 700 – 900°C.

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5 How does a diesel generator produce electricity 5 ● Simultaneously diesel is injected in the cylinder which combusts due to the high temperature of the cylinder. ● The heat energy is converted into mechanical energy through a piston in the cylindrical passage this piston is further connected to a crankshaft. ● An alternator is paired with the diesel engine and the mechanical energy from the cylinder is transmitted to an alternator and converted into electrical energy.

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6 Reference: ● ● ● lent-gensets-5-45-kva.php

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