7 tips to drive your social media strategy

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7 tips to drive your social media strategy


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7 tips to drive your social media strategy socialmediasavvy

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Hi. I’m Nikhil. Marketing consultant. Content creator . Branding specialist.

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Undoubtedly, Most businesses have social media presence today.

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So, let’s assume you’re part of the 92% of the businesses out there.

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You want to do it.

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You want to do it. You need to do it.

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You want to do it. You need to do it. You don’t know where to start.

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I’m going to share with you seven tips that will help drive your social media strategy.

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Every business has a story . What's your? Share it in a way that attracts clients and encourages prospects to take action. 1.

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In social media, content leads to conversations, conversations build relationships, and relationships result in ROI. 2 .

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Quality trumps quantity. Pick one or two social media platforms , and devote yourself to learning about them and using them all. 3.

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Have enormous empathy for your audience - look at things from their point of view. Be useful to your audience. Think: Would people THANK ME for this? Is it meeting their needs? 4 .

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Be consistent. Share something small everyday. Small things over time get big. 5 .

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After creating your accounts, follow like minded businesses , then watch and observe to get the tone of the platform, then begin to engage. 6.

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You don't have to create all original content every time. Just be a good source for trending content in your industry. 7.

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