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Buying NO-LRB-7 Gen 3AG-HS 6x Long Range Binocular Are you looking to purchase night vision binoculars ? If yes, you should look no further than NO-LRB-7 Gen 3AG-HS 6x Long Range Binocular. This binocular has ITT Pinnacle/ Autogated Gen 3 – Hand Select image intensifier tube. The NO-LRB-7 Gen 3AG-HS 6x Long Range Binocular has ITT Pinnacle image tubes of elite level offering superior level night vision outputs. These image intensifier tubes are certainly used by the US Military and are currently available for civilian use. However, the export of these unites from the United States like all Gen 3 equipment is strictly prohibited without a specific export license.

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The ITT pinnacle image tubes are better equipped with autogated power supplies, allowing the entire units to excel in even all low light conditions. You will get better night vision, regardless of the artificial light pollution existence in the urban areas. The autogation significantly minimizes the halo around any light sources and minimizes the unit to go into light overload safety shutdown when exposed to excessive light. If you’re going to use the night vision device in the urban areas or in the lightly polluted areas, this image will double the night vision ability.

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Hand Select Quality – When you’re looking to purchase night vision binoculars, you always want the best. The hand-select image tube used in NO-LRB-7 Gen 3AG-HS 6x Long Range Binocular are simply the best in the industry. It has a guaranteed signal to noise ratio of 27.00 or higher. This tube offers exceptional image clarity that you won’t get better than it. With these hand select image tubes, you can expect superior level performance even in the darkest environments and providing you much longer range as well as better resolution in a very low light condition.

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Important Product Information – This long range night observation device has powerful, exceptional quality 6X objective lens that can acquire targets in excess of 3,000 yards. It’s extremely lightweight, rugged and waterproof. This versatile LRB-7 is available with a 10X objective lens and can be configured with different image intensifier tubes.

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Manufactured with top-quality, all-glass optics, the surprisingly light 6x and 10x lens assembles are specifically designed for ensuring optimal light transference with night vision devices like the NO/LRB-7. This night vision device has AN/PVS-7 user controls and fully automated image tube protection ensuring simple and safe operation even in the toughest environmental environments. The NO/LRB-7 comes with high performance Generation II+ and state-of-the-art Generation 3 image intensifier tubes.

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Upon buying this device, you’ll be provided with hard caring case, autogated /pinnacle technology for superior performance in light polluted areas, hand select image tube, tube data card, lens tissue, operation manual, 2 AA batteries and 2 years warranty. When it comes to buying night vision binoculars, you should look no further than Night Vision 4 Less . We have a wide assortment of night vision devices to choose from for better vision even in the low light conditions. For more information about our products, please visit our website at https://www.nightvision4less.com/ .

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