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Why Do You Buy FLIR Scout III 640 Thermal Monocular? Are you looking to buy thermal monocular? If yes, why don’t you buy FLIR Scout III 640 Thermal Monocular! The FLIR has the proven line of compact thermal night vision monoculars . Scout III is the next generation thermal monocular of FLIR . The monocular offers improved performance along with 30 Hz or 60 Hz imaging and advanced image processing. However, the Scout III thermal monocular is perfect for you, if you are preparing for your next adventure in the great outdoors.

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The FLIR Scout monocular specializes in displaying heat emitted by terrain, animals and humans and day and night. It can be used for legal hunting, camping, land management and outdoor recreation purposes. This monocular is compact and lightweight. The FLIR Scout monocular offers crisp and clear thermal imagery from dawn to dusk. This night vision device fits effortlessly and naturally into the palm of your hand. In addition to, it is very simple to use and is ideal for sportsmen, hikers, rangers, ranchers or backyard nature enthusiasts. Again if you don’t want to miss out anything during your outdoor exploration, the Scout II PS Thermal Handheld Camera can help you fulfill the ultimate thirst for adventure. It is of light weight and offers powerful imagery.

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The Scout II PS-Series helps you scan different environmental areas for long time period without arm fatigue. The monocular ensures straightforward operation so that you can rely on it for quality visual details you need during day or night while focusing on other important factors. Like all the FLIR thermal cameras, the Scout III thermal monocular creates images from heat, instead of light, providing you with a tactical advantage out in the wild. Using the Multipurpose Viewer can help you navigate the rough terrain and find the perfect dusk, before dawn and even when it’s pitch black outside. However, you can explore nocturnal animal species, find wandering members of your party and spot the downed game or locate the lost livestock. In addition to, use Scout to see effortlessly through light fog, smoke or trail dust. It can help you insulate your home and check out things that go bump during night and much more.

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The FLIR Scout Monocular Comes With : Wrist strap Molle bag USB power adapter or charger USB cable Custom video out cable Quick start guide The Special Features : Clear and crisp 640 x 480 LCD display screen Palm size portability Light weight – only 12 ounces Multiple resolution options Embedded LED Task light Rechargeable Li-ion internal battery Rugged, weather-tight and ergonomic design 2x and 4x digital zooming Polarity – white hot, black hot and InstAlert Easy to operate – power, polarity, zoom and LCD brightness

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If you are looking to buy FLIR Scout III 640 Thermal Monocular, you should look no further than Night Vision 4 Less . We have the superior standard night vision devices including thermal monocular for the best preferences and requirements of clients. For more information about thermal monocular, please visit the website at .

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Night Vision 4 Less Address: 45 Jerome Ave Deal, NJ, 07723, USA Phone: 800-771-6845 Contact Us

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