Procedure of Nifty Future Trading in Indian stock market


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Know trend of nifty for each trading day to take intraday position in buy or sell side. Get Nifty support and resistance level to make your strategy and make profit in each trading position. Also knowing Nifty levels or trend, Option trading can be done. Nifty future is a derivative of index Nifty. Know Nifty future technical trend by daily technical analysis report made by experts. Before market opening, know support and resistance of Nifty future daily to trade. Also know about important financial news which can impact nifty future direction.


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Procedure of Nifty Future Trading in Indian stock market

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In India, index futures trading started in 2000 on National stock exchange(NSE). Nifty futures are index future where the underlying is CNX Nifty 50 index. Like stock future index futures are traded in terms of lot size. For Nifty future contracts, the permitted lot size is 75 and it changes from time to time depending upon the contract value of nifty. It has a 3 month trading cycle- the near month, next month and far month. Like stock future, nifty future expiry is the last Thursday of every month. After expiry of near month, one future contract is added on the far month. Watch Nifty Future Trading Tips and if nifty trend is positive, Investor can buy or sell nifty future by having a margin amount in their account. The margin is 10-15% of contract value depending upon the volatility of market. If Nifty index is at 8500 and lot size is 75 then contract value is Rs6,37500/- and margin required to trade in nifty future is Rs63,750/- if market volatility is less. In case of more volatility margin percentage is 15% of Rs6,37500 /-. Before taking position in nifty, one should know the direction or trend of nifty. In free Nifty Future Trading Tips and Free Intraday Trading Tips one can get information about Nifty trend or direction, support & resistance, buy sell recommendation, and upcoming financial event information to trade effectively in Nifty future and get profit. Index option trend depends upon trend of index future. So knowing the nifty future direction on can trade in index options and make profit and protect money by hedging position in case of market crash .

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