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Intraday tRading mEANING PDF - A Step Towards Bright Future in Share Market Trading :

Nifty Trading Academy - 99253 91111 Intraday tRading mEANING PDF - A Step Towards Bright Future in Share Market Trading


Intra-Day Trading PPT will Cover: What is Intraday trading How to do Intraday Trading? Pro’s of Intraday Trading Check List Tips for Intraday Traders Nifty Trading Academy 99253 91111


Intraday trading means the trading system where trader has to buy and sell transaction on the same day before market gets close. As the name suggests trader have to square off the trade on the same day. The intraday trading is also referred as day trading by many traders. 5 must Skills to Become Intraday Champ Analytical Skills Research passion Focus Control on Emotions Keeping record of Trade All you need to Have is Time and Energy to acquaint anything you want to. Concept of Intraday Trading


An Intraday trader need to deposit Amount on the basis of certain credit limit Traders First Step: Deposit Money I ntraday T rader need to keep the Position for the Particular Trading Session. The position taken should be squared by the end of the day. Next Step is to take Trading Position Day traders need to try to buy low and sell high in a very compressed window of time. Last step: Play within trading window How to do Intraday Trading?


Pro’s of Intraday trading No trading risk of Overnight Huge Profit in any Direction Increase the Trader buying power Very low Brokerage Cost High return Less riskier Don’t need to study much in detail Better earning opportunity Nifty Trading Academy 99253 91111


Check Points !!! Intra-day-trading is a double-edged sword so detail understanding and time is required. If you don’t possess that then it can ruin Your trade. The attraction of earning quick money can also Indulge you in overtrading. Keep you attention on the market and stocks from opening bell to the time the trading session ends. Always have a continuous watch and Market monitor Trading is not for someone who has a busy profession or holds a full-time job elsewhere and cannot monitor the market continuously.


Tips for Intra-day Traders Always Invest that amount which you can afford to lose Always choose Highly liquid Shares Always trade with 3-4 scrips at a time Always do the research for Watch list Always set the fix entry price and target levels Always use stop losses to have impact Nifty Trading Academy 99253 91111


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