Get Free Nifty technical trend and Bank nifty today trend for one mont


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Get free Bank nifty trend which is posted daily before market open @8.45 am. Check accuracy for one month and know how we are able to find trend much before. This is very helpful for Bank nifty Option and Future trader. If we are able to know trend much before means there must be some logic. So you can also learn the strategy. Check it for free.


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Get Free Nifty technical trend and Bank nifty today trend for one month Intraday future and option trading

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Before going to free Nifty and Bank nifty technical trend traders should first know the basic of future and Option trading, its lot size, expiry date etc. Nifty Option and Future trading is very popular among Indian professional trader as It is most liquid contract in Indian share market. After trading in Nifty, Bank nifty future or option contract trader don’t prefer to trade in shares. So here we will discuss how and where you can get free Nifty and Bank nifty technical trend before market open for one month. Most traders don’t find technical trend and just follow green and red candle to buy and sell and get trapped in market. They don’t identify false trend and lose a lot of money in Option and Future trading, so most Nifty and Bank nifty trader in India follow Nifty Future trend and Bank nifty trend to get free technical trend before market open. Here Nifty and Bank nifty technical trend is posted before market open daily @8.45 AM which is free and no registration is required. Its accuracy is more than 93%. You can check accuracy. Most interesting thing is you can get free support and resistance level and these levels are unique and accurate and you can’t find this level in any other website or using any pivot calculator.

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Always try to watch Nifty spot chart while trading in Nifty future as future is derived from Nifty. So following free Nifty trend posted daily here will help you a lot to find trend and make strategy accordingly. Most Nifty Option trader follow this free post as it helps option trader to choose strike price and trend with perfect entry and exit point. Paper trade for 1 month and you can check accuracy. Then if you want then you can join Advance Technical Analysis Online Training sitting in your home. What is Nifty Future Nifty Future is a derivative contract which is derived from Nifty. Future is available in three types- current month, mid month and far month. It has lot size of 75 and each month last Thursday is its expiry date. Let’s say now Nifty is @11800 then Contract value =11800*75= Rs 885000 . In Nifty Future trading advantage is low margin required for intraday which is around Rs 25000. In cover order Rs 12000 is required to trade. Unlike stocks, trader can keep short position in Futures and keep it till expiry. This is the biggest advantage.

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How to trade in Nifty Future ? To trade in Nifty future, trader should have good knowledge of technical analysis. If trader is unable to analyze trend then he can get free Nifty Trend daily which is posted before market open and followed by thousands of Nifty option and future trader in India. After getting trend trader can decide whether to buy or sell first. Trader can get free support and resistance of Nifty for Intraday trading. It helps in identifying false trend much before in which 99% general trader gets trapped. Now after getting free Nifty future trend let say technical trend is indicating trend is positive. In micro time interval you should search for better entry point (as shown in online Advance Technical Analysis training) to buy index future. Here you got 40 point and sold it. Here profit is 75*40=3000/-. Similarly if technical trend is negative, you short Nifty future to get 30 points then profit is 75*30=2250/-. Here imagine how easy it would be if you could find Nifty Future trend before market open. Similarly in option trading it is easier to decide whether to buy call option or Put option.

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Why trading in nifty is easy compared to stock ? You have to concentrate in one only and easy to do technical analysis. Less time consuming. Use always Nifty spot chart to analyze. Hard to manipulate. You can find movement every day. Thus makes it safe and easy trading contract. Lesser margin required. Margin requirement is between 12-15% but in case of stocks margin can go up to 40-50%. So there is less chance of loss as compared to stocks. Highly liquid and large volume attracts professional trader to trade in Nifty future.

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