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An apple Yes everyday BENEFITS OF EATING AN APPLE An apple is a very well-known food in that many people have eaten it at some point in their lives. This may include the days when they were young when they were too lazy to eat their fruits or when they were young and looking for something to snack on. Regardless of its purpose it has proven to be a trendy choice in the past and many people continue to enjoy them today. It has been a significant factor in the diet and the body of man for many years. There are certain aspects of the apple that are used in the diet to help to increase the healthiness of the person. One of these aspects of the apple has to do with the nutrients that it contains specifically vitamins A C and B and minerals such as potassium magnesium calcium iron and phosphorus. Why eat apples This kind of fruit is perfect for your health. There are tons of health benefits from eating this fruit. Plus it tastes so delicious. Eating an apple each day can help the body absorb more vitamins minerals and nutrients than what you eat in a single day. The apple helps your body process nutrients better but it also provides nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. And since the apple gives you a nice boost of energy you dont have to worry about being hungry which can help you feel better and stay healthier. What vitamins does apple have Since the apple contains a lot of protein fiber and many other nutrients its perfect for struggling with a low metabolism. Low metabolism can make it difficult to feel energized and boost up your energy level. An apple is ideal for people who have trouble sleeping because of having a low energy level. The ​vitamin A ​ in the apple contains the flavonoids. These flavonoids help to provide the skin a healthy color and also help to give the skin with extra moisture. They help to keep the skin from becoming irritated and the skin from becoming dull. They help to prevent damage to the skin that may come from sunlight. Vitamins C and B ​are also found in the apple. They provide people with extra energy increased metabolism and a healthy appetite. They also help to fight the bacteria that can cause allergies and help to repair the damage that has been done by viruses.

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Another reason why the apple improves the health of the person is that it contains many other minerals such as calcium magnesium iron and potassium. These minerals help keep the muscles in the body strong and provide energy and help maintain the bodys ability to get rid of toxins. The vitamins A B and C found in the apple will help you maintain your immune system. Benefits of eating an apple ● Apple has a lot of vitamin C in it ​ - It is a potent antioxidant that protects your body from free radicals and prevents damage to your body. Apple can help the body from the inside out to ensure it is healthy. ● Apple has many complex carbs in it ​ - It can give energy when you feel tired or need some energy boost. With apple you can feel energized and want to get moving. This can also help you regulate your blood sugar and control appetite and decrease cravings. ● Apple contains a lot of fiber - ​ The fiber helps lower cholesterol and can prevent colon cancer. Plus the fiber has many other benefits to our body it includes supporting the body to digest food better and improve your digestive system. ● Apple contains a lot of potassium - ​ It helps maintain blood pressure and improve your nerves and muscles function correctly. When you eat an apple it can help you get through the day without feeling dizzy or fatigued. ● Help you lose weight ​ - Apple is the perfect food to have to help a person lose weight. One medium apple contains about a pound of calories and it also contains antioxidants that help fight off diseases and improves your digestive system. But apples are a good source of fiber which can help you lose weight. Apple is also known to be an essential part of the diet. Many people find that the vitamins and minerals in the apple have benefits similar to those found in many vitamins and supplements. It is said that the apple is one of the best ways to gain control over the body. It helps to keep the body healthy but it helps keep the mind healthy. The apple causes some health problems because of the fibers found in it. Many people have trouble with the fiber because it provides the way for harmful toxins to build up in the body. With this said many people find that the apple is a beneficial thing to have around because of its many benefits.

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