Different Types Of Lawyers


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There are many different types of lawyers. Such as Criminal Lawyer, Business Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer, Civil Lawyer, Real Estate Lawyer, Trial Lawyer, Tax Lawyer, International Lawyer, Construction Lawyer, Defence Lawyers, Green card Lawyer, etc. Also find information about How to Become a Lawyer.


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Different Types Of Lawyers :

Different Types Of Lawyers

Introduction of Lawyer :

Introduction of Lawyer A lawyer is a person who is permitted by the state to apply regulation, give advice to people and signify their authorized issues within the courts.

How to become a lawyer :

How to become a lawyer There are four basic steps to become a lawyer that you need to complete before you can start working as a lawyer. Do a law degree Do practical legal training Get admitted to legal practice Get a practicing certificate

Different Types of Lawyers :

Different Types of Lawyers Criminal Lawyer Business Lawyer Corporate Lawyer Civil Lawyer Real Estate Lawyer

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Criminal Lawyer A Criminal Lawyer specializes in the law suit dealing with the offenses like murder, theft and arson that are against the society. Business Lawyer A business lawyer is deal with the business issue and reviews the business documents, provide legal advice, files briefs and negotiates business agreements like contracts.

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Corporate Lawyer Corporate Lawyer have specialize in the rules and regulations that apply to different corporations. They provide legal advice to the officers of different companies and firms. Civil Lawyer A Civil Lawyer handling the civil law suits represents the clients in the legal issue like personal injuries, legal contracts, property damage suits , divorce that take place between two or more parties.

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Real Estate Lawyer Real Estate Lawyer deals with the legal aspects of the real estate contracts and litigates real estate disagreements when the deals, transactions or agreements break up.

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