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“Today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders” :

“Today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders” Mrs. Barnes 4 th Grade Math 2014-2015

Meet Mrs. Barnes:

Meet Mrs. Barnes First year teacher, but I have 4 years of classroom experience as a teacher assistant I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and working towards a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education I love to have fun, and I plan to have tons of fun in the class. I believe learning is fun. I have been married for five years. I have two children; a five year daughter and a two year old son

Classroom rules :

Classroom rules Come to class prepared, on time, and ready to work Respect and care for your classroom . Follow directions the first time given Use positive words to show kindness to yourself and others. Raise your hand and be recognized before speaking Remain seated at all times Always try your best - never give up! Pencils are sharpened before class, Raise hand if your pencil breaks during class Keep all trash until the end of the day

Teacher’s expectation :

Teacher’s expectation Follow the rules of proper school behavior, as explained in the student handbook. Display respect and kindness to others, and their property - keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Pay attention in class, participate, and stay organized throughout the school year. Act as a role model for younger students

Restroom schedule:

Restroom schedule Before class/after breakfast Before activity After lunch After Recess If you have to use the restroom in between these set times you will have to pay with tickets.


rewards Verbal Praise Classroom Helper Positive notes or phone calls home Extra recess Fun Friday Extra Computer time Tickets (tickets can be used for bathroom breaks)


Consequences 1 st offense: verbal warning 2 nd offense: 1. color change 2. timeout 3. loss of recess 3 rd offense: 1. call/note to parent 2. ISS 4 th offense: parent/teacher/principal conference

Classroom procedures:

Classroom procedures Enter class quietly Unpack ( take out everything you need for the day. This includes notes from parents, pencils, notebooks, homework, money. Anything you will need during the period) Start bell work Everything has a place: homework basket, notebook basket, notes from parents basket, etc

Signals for attention:

Signals for attention Raise 1 finger if you have a question Raise 2 fingers if you need to use the restroom Raise 3 fingers if your pencil breaks Raise 4 fingers if you need help with something You must be recognized before you speak

Proper Heading :

Proper Heading Top right corner: Name, Teachers name, subject, period and date Example: John Doe Math 1 st period August 14, 2014 Mrs. Barnes

Homework policy :

Homework policy Homework will be given on Monday,Tuesday and Thursday nights Homework must be turned in before class starts No homework=no recess……..NO EXCEPTIONS Homework is 5% of your grade

Early finishers :

Early finishers Read a book Start on homework Work on unfinished assignments

Required binder :

Required binder Each student is required to keep a binder that will be sectioned off with Bell Ringer Homework Classroom work Quizzes Test grades This will help students keep track of their grades, and help with responsibility The binder is 10% of your grade


Grades Classwork 30% Quizzes 20% Test 30% Homework 5% Bell ringer 5% End of the year Binder 10 %

End of day dismissal :

End of day dismissal Clean around desk Dismiss when the teacher announces not the bell Do not pack up until authorized

Looking for to a productive year:

Looking for to a productive year

Contact information:

Contact information Mrs. Charlotte Barnes Cell (888) 888-8888 Email:

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