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COLD WAR By- Nicole Castro


The term cold war mostly refers to the state of conflict between nations does  not involve any military action, but it is a movement that mostly involve economic and political actions, acts of espionage, proxy wars or propaganda. What DOES THE TERM COLD WAR REFER TO

Important dates of this period:

The creation of the "Iron Curtain"6 Nov 1946 The Marshall Plan 7 Apr 1948 The Berlin Airlift 24 Jun 1948 Forming of NATO 4 Apr 1949 Forming of Warsaw Pact 14 May 1955 Vietnam War 1 Nov 1955 The U-2 incident 1 May 1960 Creation of the Berlin Wall13 Aug 1961 Cuban Missile Crisis15 Oct 1962 Apollo 11 land on the moon July 20 1969 Fall of the Berlin Wall9 Nov 1989 Dissolution of the USSR 26 Dec 1991 Important dates of this period

Capitalism :

Capitalism is the economic system that promotes individualism, which means each individual can own and control land, capital and production of industry. In this system you have the total freedom to buy, own whatever you want, start new businesses or invent something without having any governmental interference.  This ideal was started by Adam Smith. Capitalism


Socialism promotes “equality”, this economical system is based that no individual should be able to own land, capital or industry but rather the whole community as a whole control everything . From the beginning is normal to think of this system as good because of everything is going to be share equally but in the real world it causes big problems. This ideal was started by Karl Marx. Socialism


What countries were the world leaders during this period ? I believe the countries that were involve were USSR and USA. Why did countries who were allies during the wars become enemies afterwards ? Because the USA made NATO “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” which has the purpose to defend against soviet forces in Europe, so as an effect The soviet union and its eastern-European allies made another military group which call the Warsaw pact. Where did the Cold War take place ? Well since the cold war was not of a physical war it did not take place in a specific location. What opinion did the general public have of the Cold War ? Everyone thinks that this war was unnecessary but at the same time it help because both countries were in a race to be the better so they did many things that today are very significant. The meaning of this war was world supremacy, and to be better. What type of weapons did the two world powers have at their disposal ? Nuclear weapons, bilogical weapongs , newly advanced riffles, etc. Interview


In my opinion I think this movement was pointless since there wasn ’ t any actual fighting going on so since it lasted 46 years it was just a waste of time. Also it was a waste of millions of dollars from both parties, when this money could have being used for other post-war issues. And since this was just about whose ideals were right, I mean why couldn ’ t they just leave each other alone and let them be as long as they are not harming any one there should not be a problem. America there were free elections, it was a democratic country, capitalist, ‘survival of the fittest’, richest world power, personal freedom and freedom of the media.  While the Soviet unions there were no elections or fixed, it was autocratic/ Dictatorship, communist, everybody helps everybody, poor economic base, society controlled by the secret police and there was total censorship. OPINION

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