Programing Concepts

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Programing Concepts


Sequence Meaning Identifying a series of steps for a task. In my project My game displays a series of steps in the form of code blocks. Each code block forms a series of actions to make the sprites move and hide/appear.


Loops Meaning Running the same sequence multiple times. In my project Loops are shown in my game when the sprites repeat a series of actions multiple times. The ‘Forever’ code block is a looping code block, and I have wrapped this coding block around hide, move and show code blocks so that they continue to move as the game is played.


Parallelism Meaning Making things happen at the same time. In my project Parallelism is shown in my game when the three sprites (sea creatures) move at the same time or at random intervals.


Events Meaning One thing causing another thing to happen. In my project Events are shown when the player clicks on a sprite to win a point. This happens throughout the game as the player continues to click on the sprites.


Conditionals Meaning Making decisions based on conditions. In my project Conditionals are shown when the player clicks on the sprite to win a point the sprite says “ Ya !”


Operators Meaning Support for mathematical and logical expressions. In my project Operators are used when the three sea creature sprites wait and move at random intervals. From the Operators category I clicked and dragged another ‘pick random’ block and inserted it in the ‘move’ block. In the ‘pick random’ block, I typed -100 to 100. The negative number (-100) will make it move left, the positive number (100) will make it move right.


Data Meaning Storing, retrieving and updating values. In my project All of the data in my project is stored within the SCRATCH game. Under the tab ‘Scripts’ is where all of the coding blocks are placed and kept to make the game function.

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