The Pros and Cons of Deck Staining and Deck Painting

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The Pros and Cons of Deck Staining and Deck Painting The conventional wooden deck is a favorite of everyone. People love the evenly set down planks dotted with rows of nails or screws. While some enjoy the feel of solid wood deck planks under their feet some may even revel in the look of a weathered wooden deck. In any case these real wooden decks need a little care every now and then. One of the key maintenance choices you need to make for your deck is whether you should choose deck painting or staining. With the exception of some hard tropical hardwoods all decks require some kind of finish to last outside. In case you miss out the finishing coat it will give rise to cracking warping and even corroding of the wood. Deck Painting Painting your deck is a good decision. Nearly all reputed providers of painting services MetroWest Area recommend that it is better than staining. In any case it is not for you if youre fond of natural looking wood deck. Pros  Painting provides you lifelong protection against the elements. The high solid contents create a thick non-transparent film on the surface which conceal defects resists dampness and inhibit UV rays.  Painting offer up a large variety of choices since it lets you use any color you like. Besides as the paint is solid you can totally cover an old color or the wood itself.  Since the paint is thicker it fills the gaps and cracks. A few paints are made to be utilized for repairing wood which has been spoiled by the elements.  Painted decks are simpler to clean. In the event that the paint utilized is of good quality and has been allowed to cure properly before using it forms a hard shell that keeps dirt from staining.

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Cons  Painting is a messy work since you need to prepare preserve and prime the wood first.  Paint is for always. When you choose to paint your wood deck you dont have any alternative to change it in future. You can change the color however you cant do a reversal to deck staining. Deck Staining Staining is for people who have made up their mind that painting is not for them. They will then most likely end up with the transparent or semi- transparent stains. Pros  Staining helps to hold the natural magnificence of wood and lets the wood grain texture and color show through.  For the most part stain is less slippery. In spite of the fact that there are a few stains that can be slippery the bulk of these are more of a flat surface that protects the wood without forming a slippery surface. Cons  Stains have a shorter lifetime. The life of stains is based on the quality number of coats put on and the weather condition.  Stains dont fill cracks. By and large they are much more slender in this way they cant be utilized as a repair material to fill cracks and voids. Conclusion Both choices can give you a deck that lasts longer than an untreated deck. Both of these make the wood less water retentive and keep it dry within. They hold compounds that protect the wood from dangerous UV rays that means no sun damage.

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