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Sustainable Community Greenhouses:

Sustainable Community Greenhouses University of New Hampshire Katerina Bessey, Nick Rogers, Emily Perry, Jessica Concannon, and Nate Peabody

Why change our current food system?:

Why change our current food system? Current food production practices are fossil fuel intensive, wasteful, and environmentally degrading. Food Insecurity in urban and rural communities is caused by a growing gap between production and consum ption

Traditional Greenhouses :

Traditional Greenhouses


Our solution… An integrated community food system with minimal environmental impacts and high community impact.

How it Works:

How it Works


Why? Greenhouses allow for year-round production of healthy food Curb food security crisis for those most in need Composting reduces food waste in landfills Free source of thermal energy and byproducts like fertilizer Solar provides on and off grid renewable electricity Involve community members in sustainable agriculture movement Enhance education , outreach , food security

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