Legend of the coconut tree

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Legend of the Coconut Tree : 

Legend of the Coconut Tree Retold by Nicholas Pumper

Table of Contents : 

Table of Contents 1.Title 2.Table of Contents 3.Story 4.Story continued 5.Story continued (again) 6.Story continued (once again) 7.Conflict & Compromise 8.Credits 9.www.freeweb.com

The Story : 

The Story Once on the island of Guam, there was a girl that helped everyone in the village when they were sick, depressed, etc. Everybody loved her! One day, she went exploring and found a strange fruit cracked open. She tried it and it tasted delicious! Then she returned back to the village.

Story continued : 

Story continued Soon after that, she got very ill. She told everyone to Find this fruit she had found. Since she had helped everyone in the past in some way, everybody helped to find this fruit. She described it very well, but the villagers couldn’t find it. Sadly she passed away, and everybody weeped like there was no end.

Story continued (again) : 

Story continued (again) One day, a strange plant appeared on the girl’s grave. The father was first to notice it! So he told the villagers put a shelter over it thinking it was special, and it was!

Story Continued (once again) : 

Story Continued (once again) Five years later, the plant was twenty feet tall and dropped one of it’s fruits and it cracked open! The local villagers told the father of the girl to taste it. The father refused, so the mother tried it. She said it tasted great and called it the coconut. From this day on, the coconut still has the face of the girl when she died.

Conflict and Compromise : 

Conflict and Compromise In the legend of the coconut tree the conflict is that the girl told of this fruit that could heal her sickness. But she died leaving a mystery of this fruit. It was compromised by a coconut tree growing on her grave and mystery fruit was found!

Credits : 

Credits Created by Nicholas Pumper Assigned by: Mrs. Bordallo Helped by: Donovan Quintalla, Giovanni Sgambelluri, Alona Paja, Mrs. Cruz, William Sanguinetti Special Thanks http://ns.gov.gu/legends.html Microsoft PowerPoint THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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