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Nicholas Constable Describing What Is Litecoin? :

Nicholas Constable Describing What Is Litecoin? nicholas constable weybridge

Gold and silver :

Gold and silver Proponents Of Litecoin Often Refer To It As Acting As Silver To Bitcoin’s Gold. It’s An Interesting Metaphor Which Stands Up To Scrutiny – While One Unit Of Litecoin Is Certainly Less Valuable Than One Unit Of Bitcoin, Both Are Commodities Which Are Used As A Store Of Value. Like Gold And Silver, Bitcoin And Litecoin Are Distinguished From Each Other By Their Available Supply. The Bitcoin Network Has Been Built So That There Will Never Be More Than 21 Million Coins In Existence. The Eventual Supply Of Litecoin Will Top Out At 84 Million, And This Discrepancy In Size Of Supply Is Another Factor Which Has Brought About The Gold And Silver Analogy. nicholas constable weybridge

nicholas Constable  :

nicholas Constable  While The Analogy Stands Up Today, Its Worth Remembering That Neither Bitcoin Or Litecoin Actually Are Precious Metals. They Are Computer Applications Which Use Different Methods To Achieve The Same Results – Enabling Transactions In Digital Currencies. Litecoin’s Faster Response Times May Eventually Lead To It Becoming More Useful That Bitcoin, And Their Relative Value Could Change Dramatically, Perhaps Meaning One Unit Of Litecoin Becomes More Valuable Than One Unit Of Bitcoin. While This Seems Unlikely Today, It’s Worth Remembering That Cryptocurrencies Are A Very New Thing, Compared To Gold And Silver Which Have Been With Us For Millennia. The Mechanisms Around Their Supply And Demand Are Far Less Well Understood. nicholas constable weybridge

Where can I buy Litecoin? :

Where can I buy Litecoin? As One Of The More Established Cryptocurrencies, There Are A Fairly Good Number Of Options Available To Anyone Who Wants To Buy Litecoin – Whether It’s To Spend Them, Or Just As A Speculative Investment. Coinbase  Lets You Use Credit Cards And Debit Cards To Buy Them With ‘Fiat’ (Government Controlled Centralized Currencies Like Usd Or Gbp ) Currency.  Litecoinlocal matches Buyers With Sellers For Peer-to-peer Trading. Many Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges Including  Binance  And  Bittrex  Allow Trading In Different Pairs Of Cryptocurrencies, If You Already Have Bitcoins And Want To Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio. nicholas constable weybridge

Where can I spend Litecoins? :

Where can I spend Litecoins? Although Litecoins Are Still Not Quite As Widely Accepted As Bitcoins, There Are A Few Options If You Don’t Want To Hold Onto Them In Case They Rise In Value. Overstock  Is The Closest Thing To An Amazon Of Cryptocurrency, With A Wide Range Of Home Goods, Electronics And Fashion Available To Us Buyers. A Wide Range Of Jewellery Can Be Bought With Litecoin (As Well As A Number Of Other Cryptos) At  Cryptojeweller . Clothing (Mostly Cryptocurrency Themed T-shirts) Can Be Bought At  Cryptoverge . nicholas constable weybridge

nicholas Constable  :

nicholas Constable  If You Want To Maintain Anonymity When Buying VPN Or Anonymous Email Services, Then Many Providers Including  Torguard   And  Nordvpn  Will Accept Payment In Cryptocurrencies Including Bitcoin And Litecoin. And If You Fancy Converting Your Digital Gold And Silver To Real Gold And Silver, Then  Coaex  Allows You To Trade Bitcoin Or Litecoin For Bars Of Precious Metal. nicholas constable weybridge

nicholas Constable  :

nicholas Constable  Of Course, This Is Really Only Scratching The Surface, To Show The Wide Range Of Goods And Services Which Are Gradually Becoming Available In Exchange For Litecoin Or Cryptocurrencies. A More Comprehensive And Frequently Updated List Is Available On  Reddit . Bernard Marr  Is A Best-selling Author & Keynote Speaker On Business, Technology And Big Data. His New Book Is  Data Strategy . To Read His Future Posts  Simply Join His Network Here . nicholas constable weybridge

Follow Nicholas Constable Webridge :

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