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By Nicholas Constable talking about Pulling Search Engine Results Up vs. Pushing Search Engine Results Down. One major misconception we hear a lot in online reputation management is the notion that SEO can target and push a particular result down in search engine results. Visit -


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Pulling Search Engine Results Up vs. Pushing Search Engine Results Down Nicholas Constable


Nicholas Constable online expert in Surrey, London (UK). He is expert in SEO, SMO, Online reputation management services and he is talking about Pulling search engine Results Up vs. Pushing search engine Results Down-One major idea we tend to hear lots in on-line reputation management is that the notion that SEO will target and push a specific result down in search engine results. An individual may have a single embarrassing article and want to check the link for it buried on page 3 or beyond of search engine results. They require on-line reputation management to essentially zap that result — and therefore the rest of the existing results can a lot of or less stay the same. Search engines don’t really work like that. Nicholas Constable


The reality of pushing a result down isn’t that on-line reputation management does anything to it page. If you don’t own it, chances are,  you can’t be able to do a thing to change it  — and that means there’s very little you can do to influence its SEO factors. Rather, obtaining that page pushed down into oblivion implies that roughly twenty other pages need to get pulled up to rank higher than that page on search engine results. Let’s go over that again: in order to push down a single result to page 3 that means you’ll need to pull up twenty alternative results to rank it in search engine results. So the SEO work that you’re doing for one website is currently multiplied by twenty in order to pull up these results while pushing down the one you want to go. This can be no simple task, however with effective on-line reputation management, it can be done. Nicholas Constable


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