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Building Information Modeling or BIM is a high-impact process that uses the power of technology to enhance building efficiency, productivity, cost, and turn-around times


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3 Reasons you need to be BIM ready moving towards 2020 and beyond by taking a BIM course Building Information Modeling or BIM is a high-impact process that uses the power of technology to enhance building efficiency productivity cost and turn-around times. It encompasses highly visual and information-rich digital models to build a virtual building even before anything begins at a physical level or a reality. Using parametric software like Revit and Navisworks architects engineers GC’s etc. Can build a single 3D model with all the trades combined viz. Architecture Structure MEP and FP. But there are challenges in building a federated model as this model could hold hard soft or workflow clashes. BIM also incorporates a lot of collaboration by way of 3D models design meetings and more. Along these lines it is imperative that AEC students or professionals take a step

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forward to enhance their BIM skills with an industry-based BIM course that includes Revit MEP training as well. There are various reasons why Advanced BIM Training is extremely important in the construction sector. In the modern world of construction owners or AEC firms with excuses do not have the capacity to build a successful business. AEC firms need to provide in-house or online education for their employees to be BIM ready. 3 Reasons why you need to be BIM ready You need to think in Building Information Modeling BIM – Many individuals or firms do not know this but they are using a part of BIM for their projects when you do BIM you don’t work with 2D but 3D modeling or real-world objects that work on a parametric algorithm. As BIM is object based every objects knows its importance or what it means for a certain project or model for example walls do act like walls and not doors. So there’s a lot for students and professionals to leverage by taking an advanced BIM course. A thorough BIM skill-set takes AEC careers to the next level. BIM augments Coordination – In the industry of architecture and building you need to grasp the true value of coordination between 3D models and people. Understanding what happens in 3D is important for example if an object moves it does change the value of the elevation as well and this saves on time and budget. Along these lines training institutes that provide BIM or Revit training that is industry-based is a solution that students and professionals need to look at. The importance of 3D design is foresight the ability to look at the good and the bad before going into the field. BIM is good for career business

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It has been a decade since BIM has made its presence known and it isn’t new anymore. Furthermore the use of Revit as a principal software for BIM processes is dominant. That’s where Revit MEP Training is key for engineering firms and students to progress further. As the building industry is process and technology driven having your building modeled in 3D to create high-quality for graphics for presentations is a win-win scenario when it comes to bidding for a project or showcasing expertise and experience during a presentation. In Summary If you’re looking at upgrading your skills in the world of AEC engineering then a BIM course would surely augment your career to the next level. Advanced BIM training encompasses every piece of material and practice integrated with live project exposure to make individuals great BIM professionals. For more information: +91 73502 55855 Visit us: -

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