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Offshore Development Center in India:

Offshore Development Center in India Providing best services and solutions to customer 12/30/2017 1 Reach out us 2, Sumati , Off FC Road Pune

Offshore software development center India:

Offshore software development center India NIBO​ Technologies​ have​ developed​ ​expertise​ ​dedicated development,​ ​bring​ ​together​ ​talent​ technology​ and innovation​ to​​ hold​ highly ​ effective​​ and​ ​productive​ ​teams to​ complete​ customer​​ requirements.​  12/30/2017 2 Reach out us 2, Sumati , Off FC Road Pune

Some of models we have work on::

Some of models we have work on: OUTSOURCED PDC Dedicated infrastructure - office space, infrastructure and resources Can start at NIBO Technologies location and move out later to complete dedicated location NIBO Technologies will manage the overall Operations and Administration of the PDC Client Project Managers / Technical Managers can manage the projects BUILD OPERATE TRANSFER (BOT) Dedicated location selected for client Will be set up and managed by NIBO Technologies for the client for a particular period of time, after which the PDC will be transferred to the Client control Helps clients build up its own facility in India without having to be exposed to entry-level hassles 12/30/2017 3 Reach out us 2, Sumati , Off FC Road Pune

Thank you!:

Thank you! 12/30/2017 4 Reach out us 2, Sumati , Off FC Road Pune

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