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Food Ordering System For Restaurants And Food Delivery Companies. Effective Order Management – Accurate Business Insights – Enhanced Stock/Inventory Management


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By Nibblematrix Complete Online Food Ordering System To Boost Your Food Sales


Complete Online Food Ordering System That Actually Works Have you ever wondered how online ordering can impact your food sales? Here is the ANSWER … Online ordering is becoming an inevitable chunk of many restaurants and food delivery companies because of the “INCREASED” order volume.


People love to order food online as it is more convenient and time saving. Almost 22% of the people order more while ordering online. Check the below infographic. Whether you are a small startup or food cooperative or an established restaurant, consider using the food ordering system to Maximize your business sales as explained in this article. 5 things (facts) you must know about food ordering system – Increases productivity Analyzes & brings you more business Efficient customer/order management Helps in online business promotion Attracts more customers


How online food orders are growing? (infographic)


What actually an online ordering system does : Look : A Complete Online Food Ordering System by nibbleMATRIX can easily boost your food sales by creating an online presence for your food business or restaurant. With an enhanced user friendly experience it makes the food ordering process flexible to the user. Online ordering system helps to maintain a Better Business Relationship with your customers, which is a key factor to run any successful business. This is especially important if you are a new start up food business, as maintaining a healthy customer relationship is the only way to grow your business . Ordering system generates a day to day business analytics that makes you to understand your business pros and cons more effectively.


Simply, by bringing all the requirements in one place it makes all your business operations easier.


Why you should use ordering system ? With online ordering system, you are allowing more people to find your food business online. This creates more awareness about your business in the market and ultimately brings you more sales. Where you can use food ordering system ? It can be used in any food related business like ice cream, pizza, snacks, lunch/meals, etc., without any problem. In fact, if you are planning to start your online food business, then it would be the best cost effective solution for you.


The best part : Instead of creating it from the scratch, you can directly integrate online food ordering application in any of your existing food delivery or restaurant websites. This saves you a lot of time and even money. For our client : Integrating ordering system in his existing restaurant website has improved his business. Literally, within 1 – 2 months he has observed an increase in his daily food orders compared to earlier for which he is happy. How does online food ordering system work ? The working of an online ordering system is similar to an e-commerce website. Whenever your customers are busy with their work, instead of coming to your restaurant they can just open your restaurant’s website, choose the menu they like and can simply order food online.


As soon as the order gets placed, you will be notified immediately so that you can start order processing and food delivery. One of the main advantages of online food ordering is the order details and the delivery details are accurate when compared to the phone ordering system.


Customers have started placing the online orders through the website because of the flexible ordering process. Now, on an average he is getting 40 – 50 orders daily. The fact here is, most of them are returning customers. For our client: Benefits of online food ordering system : Increases your productivity : Online ordering application saves your time by avoiding food orders over phone that has to be done manually. By making the ordering process fully automated, it increases the cost effectiveness and productivity of your food business with a less manpower.


In addition, it keeps you one step ahead over your competitors who don’t serve online. This is the main reason for which the word online food ordering system is becoming more popular in these days. Food ordering system even helps a casual dining restaurant and provides an additional revenue source. It allows a restaurant owner to easily update the online menu, food items etc., and helps to stay in touch with the customers by offering discounts and targeted promotions. With a simplified management process, online ordering system makes it easy to handle multiple restaurants from a centralized application. For our client: Because of the automation, providing quality service to his customers became easy. Apart from this, he has observed a drastic reduction in the labor cost.


Saves your customers’ time : Nowadays as people are getting busy with their work, making the restaurant online even saves your customers’ time undoubtedly. It allows them to order food online from anywhere at anytime by creating a flexible food ordering platform. This makes your customers more comfortable. Customers can select the food items from the online menu in the restaurant website and can order accordingly as per their interest. In fact they can place the food orders with in their budget by adding or removing the food items as per the cost variation. For our client: Being busy at work, number of people placing the online orders has been increased steadily. This has created a new channel for our client to gather more customer database, which in turn has made the online business promotion easy.


How ordering system can make your business more successful ? Analyzes & brings you more business : As online ordering solution is a completely automated software, it makes all your business operations more effective within less time. Eventually you can speed up your business activities and can serve your customers in time. By analyzing your business entirely, it provides you the business insights regarding your visitors, their location, abandoned cart, etc. This exact information provides you those specific areas where you need to focus more to grow your business further. It even makes your business promotion process easy and grabs customers’ attention towards you.


For our client: With the provided business insights, our client has come across the list of areas where his business is doing well and where it is not. So based on this info, he has started aiming on those weaker areas specifically for more business. Efficient customer and order management : Online food ordering system helps you to build a better customer relationship with all your customers by providing an end to end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This especially helps to maintain a better relationship with your customers, which is required to drive business. It also comes with an order management system that streamlines the entire ordering process starting from order placement to order delivery.


Food ordering system also provides an entire address capturing system with GPS and avoids delivery delays, one key reason that makes customers to avoid online food ordering . For our client: Initially, it has created a problem in managing the online orders/customers and used to be very clumsy. But now with our CRM module, he alone is able to manage all the orders efficiently. How it helps in online business promotion ? Ordering system provides an efficient way to promote your restaurant or food serving company online. You can promote special offers or discount coupons on integrated social media websites and can attract more customers towards your online business.


Food ordering system also builds a marketing platform and allows you to create some customer loyalty programs like sending marketing/promotional emails or sms that helps to retain your customers with you. For our client: As the CRM module provides a complete data about the customers, our client has started sending personal mails to his customers especially on birthdays, marriage anniversaries etc., along with exclusive deals. This has helped him in building customer loyalty. Attracts more customers towards your business : Food ordering system enables your restaurant or any food serving company to start taking online food orders with a beautifully designed website or mobile app. By enhancing your brand’s online presence in the market, it boosts your sales with additional new and returning customers.


It offers a complete online food ordering system for your customers that works well across all devices and engages them to order food simply with in no time. By providing an advanced ordering feature, it makes the ordering process more apt for your customers, so that they can order food in advance by selecting a future date and time. For our client: As the ordering system builds a stronger online presence for any brand or company, it became easier for the people to identify our client’s business online, resulting in more sales. Online ordering system inbuilt features : Online ordering system provides a natural interactive experience for the users as well to quickly place online food orders using classy order flows and with simple payment methods. Within the space of one calendar week, it enables a restaurant or a food ordering company to go online with the below mentioned distinctive features -


Address capturing with GPS Real time reports (for sales and orders ) Average order details (per day/week/month ) Mobile based report management Customer order/details management Graphical revenue reports Order reports (per day/week/month ) Order shipment by location Complete transactions list Promotion management Generate coupons/discounts


Online food ordering system requirements : Having an appealing and user friendly food ordering system is a mandate for your business growth. But for this you need to fulfill 4 basic requirements. Simply by doing this you can get your own ordering system and can serve your customers online. #1: Domain Name It is an address that is required to find or locate your business online (e.g. #2: Web Hosting It is a place where you need to upload or publish all the content of your website, so that other people can access it from anywhere. #3: Web Designer A designer is the one who adds styles, layouts, design, etc., to the ordering system to make it more eye-catching to the users.


#4: Web Developer A developer is a programmer who develops client-side/server-side scripting, customized functionalities, etc., that are required for the proper functioning of your food ordering system . Disadvantages of online ordering system : Some of the service providers in the market may provide the online food ordering application at a low cost. But if you want to have a standard and an appealing system, then the initial set up may cost you a little bit more. This is the major disadvantage of the ordering system . But once the number of restaurants with the integrated food ordering system increases in the market, then definitely the cost would become comparatively less.


Integrate online ordering system in your restaurant or food serving company website and expand your business with an increased sales. By enabling takeaways and home deliveries, offer your customers a complete feasibility to order food online at their own convenience. Conclusion So… Why Wait? Get a free demo : Call Us (USA) + 1 9174961485 ( India ) + 91 9866754327 (or)

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