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United States : 

United States Mr. Welch Social Studies 7

The USA : 

The USA 1776: Declared Independence from Great Britain Population: 285.4 Million People (2003) Life Expectancies: Males – 74 Females - 79

Includes: : 

Includes: States: First 48: Continental United States Hawaii & Alaska: Not connected

Culture: : 

Culture: United States Culture: Citizens commonly speak English, Spanish Influenced by many different cultures around world (immigration)

Industrial Issues : 

Industrial Issues Until 1980, United States exported more than they imported. Since 1980, United States IMPORTS more than we export. Why is this a problem?

Current Issues : 

Current Issues Terrorism Illegal Immigration Decline of Educational System in Relation to the Rest of the World Consumption of Natural Resources

Regions of the USA : 

Regions of the USA Coastal Plains Lowlands that run along the east coast of the US (Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore) Appalachian Mountains Hills & Mountains that run from Canada to Alabama Interior Plains Largest freshwater lakes in the world Rolling Flatlands

Regions of the USA : 

Regions of the USA Mountains and Plateaus Rocky Mountains run from Alaska to Mexico Includes valleys and deserts i.e. Grand Canyon Pacific Coast Some volcanic activity along the west coast Fruits grow in this region Alaska Mt. McKinley - highest point Hawaii 8 Main Island, over 120 small ones

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