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Job Applications:

Job Applications Tips for filling out a job application Mrs. Kanith – CPP Fall 2011

Info Needed for Applications:

Info Needed for Applications

Tips for Completing Job Applications:

Tips for Completing Job Applications Complete all requested information Use N/A if a ? does not apply to you Print clearly and neatly or type (download) Use black or blue ink Follow directions carefully Do not fold or spill on application

Don’t Leave Items Blank…:

Don’t Leave Items Blank… Goal of the Job Application Get an Interview Sell Yourself mention everything you can offer!

The References:

The References Get permission List complete info requested: Name Full Address (street, city, state, ZIP) Phone Title/Employer How long you’ve known them/in what capacity

The References Section:

The References Section

The Reasons for Leaving:

The Reasons for Leaving DO EXAMPLES Be Honest Be Positive Seeking better opportunity Seeking additional hours Seasonal Focus on academics Relocation Downsizing DON’T Say “didn’t get along with boss.” Scheduling “Problems”

The Work History Section:

The Work History Section

The Salary Expected:

The Salary Expected List “Negotiable” If you list too high of an amount, you may not be considered If you list too low of an amount, you may be underpaid

PowerPoint Presentation:

The Position/Starting Date List a Specific Position List a Specific Date When listing a date, if you currently have a job, consider the fact that you should give 2-weeks notice If you list ANY, you sound desperate

General Information:

General Information

More Tips:

More Tips Be sure to proofread Be Sure to Sign & Date the Application Be prepared for all kinds of job applications Take your time and do the best you can

Why should I include Resume?:

Why should I include Resume? Your Resume is specific to YOU & better represents who you are than the generic job application The potential employer has a better picture of who you are & more opportunity to be impressed by: Volunteer Work Grades/GPA/Attendance @ School Details about your education Additional skills

Traits Discerned from Job Applications:

Traits Discerned from Job Applications Thorough Neat Can you follow directions? Positive Attitude Consistent/ Employable Honesty

PowerPoint Presentation:

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