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Career Planning Process:

Career Planning Process Mrs. Kanith

Career Planning Process:

Career Planning Process A lifelong process which includes choosing an occupation, getting a job, growing in a job, possibly changing careers, and eventually retiring.

Career Planning – 4-Step Process:

Career Planning – 4-Step Process Self Assessment Explore Careers Evaluate & Choose Career Develop Action Plan

Self Assessment:

Self Assessment 1 st Step in Career Planning Process Gather information about yourself to make an informed decision Analyze four areas  Interests Values Personality Aptitudes

Self Assessments:

Self Assessments Interests What you enjoy doing: Classes you like Sports Extra Curricular Activities Hobbies Preferred Activities Personality Person’s individual traits, motivational drives, needs, and attitudes Realistic Investigative Artistic Social Enterprising Conventional

Self Assessments:

Self Assessments Values Things that are important to you: Family Leadership Finance Status Work Satisfaction Independence Religion Skills Activities you are good at, such as Writing Technology Mathematics Problem Solving Communication

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