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A. BARE INFINITIVE 1. MODAL VERBS + BARE INFINITIVE Will/ would Can/ could May/ might Shall Should Had better Must Ought to Needn’t ... Examples 1. I can swim 2. I think you should stay out of crowd 2. WOULD RATHER + BARE INFINITIVE Example I would rather work than study 3. CAUSATIVE VERBS + OBJECT + BARE INFINITIVE a. make / let + object + bare infinitive Examples 1. She didn’t let me go out 2. The teacher is having the students do the exercise 1 3. My mother made me wash my hand before dinner Notes : passive form : be made to infinitive : I was made to wash my hand before dinner b. have + person + bare infinitive + things : I have the mechanic repair my bike have + things + past participle I have my bicycle repaired

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4. VERBS OF PERCEPTION ( SEE/ NOTICE/ HEAR/ FEEL/ HEAR) - see/ feel/ notice/ hear/ watch + object + bare infinitive ( bare infinitive mô tả toàn bộ hành động ) - see/ feel/ notice/ hear/ watch + object + present participle ( present participle mô tả toàn bộ hoặc một phần của hành động ) Examples 1. I saw him leave the house 2. I saw him leaving the house


B. TO INFINITIVE 1. VERBS + TO INFINITIVE Agree Attempt Claim Decide Demand Desire Expect Fail Forget Hesitate Hope Intend Learn Need Offer Plan Prepare Pretend Refuse Seem Strive Tend Want Wish Promise Arrange Determine Manage Plan Proceed Be about Be able/ afford Do one’s best Take the trouble Set out Turn out Make up one’s mind Make an effort Threaten Seem Volunteer Vow ....          


2. VERB + OBJECT + TO INFINITIVE Allow Ask Beg Convince Expect Instruct Invite Order Permit Persuade Prepare   Remind Urge Want Encourage Recommend Entitle Enable Warn Get Forbid Cause ...   Examples: 1. Joe ask Mary to call him when she woke up 2. We ordered him to appear in court

* NOTES : :

allow / permit / advise/ recommend/ encourage + object + to infinitive Ex: She doesn’t allow me to smoke in her room allow/ permit/ recommend/ encourage/ advise + gerund Ex: She doesn’t allow smoking in her room * NOTES :

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Anxious Boring Dangerous Hard Eager Easy Good Strange Pleased Prepared Ready Able Usual Common Difficult ... 3. ADJECTIVES + TO INFINITIVE Examples 1. Mohammad is eager to see his family 2. It is dangerous to drive in this weather 3. We are ready to leave now

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Discover Decide Find out Ask Forget Know Learn Remember Show + object Think Understand See = understand Want to know Wonder ...       4. VERBS + WH – WORD + TO INFINITIVE Examples 1. He discovered how to open the safe 2. I showed her which button to press 5. PHRASE OF PURPOSE : Ex: 1. He tried to study hard in order to / so as to / to pass every exam 6. NOUN + TO INFINITIVE ( replace a relative clause) Ex: 1. I have many things which I must do / to do 2. She is always the last to go / who goes * NOTES : ... FOR + OBJECT + TO INFINITIVE Examples 1. It’s difficult to do this exercise. This exercise is difficult for me to do

Ex 1: Complete the following sentences using “ bare infinitive” or “ to infinitive” :

Ex 1: Complete the following sentences using “ bare infinitive” or “ to infinitive” 1 He made me (do)................... it all over again. 2 She can (sing)................... quite well. 3 He will be able (swim)................... very soon. 4 I used (live)................... in a caravan. 5 You ought (go)................... today. It may (rain)................... tomorrow. 7 I want (see)................... the house where our president was born. 8 He made her (repeat)................... the message. 9 May I (use)................... your phone? 10 He should (know) ................ how (use) ................. the film projector, but if he doesn't had better (show) ................ him.

Ex 2: Rewrite each sentence as directed ( using the structures with To Infinitive and Bare Infinitive above) :

Ex 2: Rewrite each sentence as directed ( using the structures with To Infinitive and Bare Infinitive above) 1. The mechanic serviced my car last week. I had the mechanic 2. I felt nervous when I traveled by air. Travelling by air made 3. He could not afford to buy the car. The car was too expensive 4. I advised you to put your money in the bank. You had better 5. There is no need for you to talk so loudly You don’t have 6. “You must ask me for permission before leaving” the teacher said to Tom The teacher made Tom 7. The house shook violently and all of us felt that All of us felt the house 8. We can’t possibly work in this noise It’s impossible 9. Mr. Puncher doesn’t allow his children to go out in the evening Mr. Puncher doesn’t let 10. Contacting her at work in usually quite easy. It’s quite easy

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