Electrical Current

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Electric Current : 

Electric Current

Electron pumps : 

Electron pumps Examples batteries, generators and solar cells These convert various forms of energy to electric energy

In an electric circuit : 

In an electric circuit Electric energy is transmitted from an electron pump to a resistor or other device that uses electric energy

Circuits : 

Circuits The energy delivered to the resistor is equal to the work done by the electron pump. As a charge moves through a circuit, it gives up its potential energy. The energy released equals the work done to give the charge potential energy One ampere is a current flow of one coulomb per second Electric power is found by multiplying voltage by current

Ohm’s Law : 

Ohm’s Law States that the current in a circuit varies directly with the applied voltages and inversely with the resistance of the circuit The current in a circuit can be varied by varying the voltage or by varying the resistance of the circuit

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