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Chunk and Get the Gist:

Chunk and Get the Gist By: Natasha Gentry 9/30/14


Objective Students will be able to break a text down into manageable portions. Students will write a short (10 word or less) summary for each portion of the text to gain understanding of the entire passage.

Divide and Conquer:

Divide and Conquer Big problems seem easier to handle when they are broken down into smaller more manageable pieces. The texts we work with in school can often be overwhelming. Today we are going to work on a simple close reading technique to make reading higher level texts easier.

Pre-read and Chunk:

Pre-read and Chunk Read the passage or story all the way through to get a feel for the overall flow. Draw horizontal lines to break the passage into chunks. There is no right way to chunk as long as the chunks make sense to you.

Re-read and Get the Gist:

Re-read and Get the Gist Focusing on 1 chunk at a time, circle and define any unknown words or key terms. Write a summary in the left margin that tells what the chunk is saying in 10 words or less.

Let’s Try It:

Let’s Try It Obama addressed U.N. about climate change, Ebola, and ISIS. He seeks support from more countries to stop ISIS. Freedom of speech can stop terror. How can we help? Countries must work together to stop Ebola and climate change.

Your Turn:

Your Turn You will read the article Move Over, M&M’s from Time for Kids Then, chunk the text and write down the gist. Hint: If a paragraph is too long or complex, break it down into two.

How did you do?:

How did you do? Review your work with one classmate. Here are some things to compare: Did you chunk the text in the same way? If you didn’t, compare your reasons. Compare the words you circled to define. Are your “ gists ” similar? If not, clarify any differences. Was there a misunderstanding or just a difference of opinion?


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