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Presentation Covers : 

Presentation Covers Definition of recruitment Purpose and importance Forecasting and Manpower demand Factors influencing recruitment Types of Recruitment Sources Recruitment Process Selection Process Socialization Process Caroline Githinji - August 2010

Definition of Recruitment : 

Definition of Recruitment Meaning In simple terms, recruitment is understood as the process of searching for and obtaining applicants for jobs, from among whom the people can be selected. In other words it is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment Caroline Githinji - August 2010

Purpose and importance : 

Purpose and importance Aimed at attracting and selecting individuals for different positions that facilitate the achievement of organizational goals Under-Staffing results in Loses Business + Specialization Over-Staffing results in Wasteful, Expensive & even expensive to eliminate excess staff Process Includes forecasting manpower demands Caroline Githinji - August 2010

Purpose and Importance Cont’d…. : 

Purpose and Importance Cont’d…. Increase the pool of job candidates at minimum cost. Begin identifying and preparing potential job applicants who will be appropriate candidates. Increase organizational and individual effectiveness in the short term and long term. Evaluate the effectiveness of various recruiting techniques and sources for all types of job applications. Caroline Githinji - August 2010

Forecasting Manpower Demand : 

Forecasting Manpower Demand Future Needs of the organization Long Term Plan  TERM 5 years Growth & Expansion New Projects Short Term Plan TERM 1- 2 years Adding New Shift Replacement Caroline Githinji - August 2010

Forecasting Manpower Supply Contd… : 

Forecasting Manpower Supply Contd… Internal Labour Supply Skills Inventory Employee’s Database Replacement Planning - Manager Inventory Chart Identifies potential candidates to fill specific managerial jobs Succession Planning Identifies and trains the potential candidates Caroline Githinji - August 2010

Slide 8: 

External factors Supply & demand Unemployment rate Labour market Political – Social “Sons of the soil” Factors influencing recruitment Internal factors Recruitment policy HRP Size of the firm Cost Growth & expansion Caroline Githinji - August 2010

Slide 9: 

Supply and demand :-If the demand for a particular skill is high relative to the supply, an extraordinary recruiting effort may be needed. Unemployment rate :- When the unemployment rate in a given area is high, the company’s recruitment process may be simpler. Labour market:- Labour market conditions in a local area are of primary importance in recruiting for most non-managerial, supervisory and middle management positions Caroline Githinji - August 2010 External factors

Slide 10: 

Political-social considerations :- Reservation of jobs for, minorities, and other backward classes is a political decision. Sons & Soil :- Political leaders clamour that preference must be given to the people of their respective regions in matters of employment. Image :-The company’s image also matters in attracting large number of job seekers, Normally blue chip companies attract large number of applications Caroline Githinji - August 2010 External factors contd…

Slide 11: 

Recruitment Policy :-Generally the policy is to prefer internal sourcing, as own employees know the company well and can recommend candidates who fit the organization culture. HRP :- proper planning for effective utilization of human resources is very much essential. Size of the firm :- Size is another internal factor having its influence on the recruitment process. Caroline Githinji - August 2010 Internal factors

RECRUITMENTTypes of Recruitment Sources : 

RECRUITMENTTypes of Recruitment Sources Internal source Transfers Promotion Up gradating Dependent of deceased family member External source Advertisement Education Institutions Employment Agencies Voluntary Application Word of Mouth Rec. at factory gate Job Portals Acquisitions & Mergers Head Hunting & Poaching Contractor/ Outsourcing Caroline Githinji - August 2010

Internal Recruitment : 

Internal Recruitment ADVANTAGES Familiarity of Candidate Available information & observation Selection & Socialization – less expensive Enhances Employee Morale Retention of Employees DISADVANTAGES Lack of New Ideas Expensive Training Programs Political & Personal Bias Ripple Effect Some Unhappy Employees Caroline Githinji - August 2010

External Recruitment : 

External Recruitment ADVANTAGES New Ideas Valuable Information – Competitors Moves & Strategies Diverse Skills & Vast Experience DISADVANTAGES Lack of Reliability Committing Mistakes Expensive Process Orientation Process – Time Consuming De-motivates Internal Employees Caroline Githinji - August 2010

The Recruitment Process : 

The Recruitment Process Caroline Githinji - August 2010

Job Analysis : 

Job Analysis JOB DESCRIPTION (EMPHASIS IS ON JOB) Objectives of the Job Work to be Performed Skills Needed Responsibility Involved Relationship of the Job to other Jobs Working Conditions JOB SPECIFICATION (EMPHASIS ON INDIVIDUAL) Minimum qualification Listing of Skills, Education & Work Experience Caroline Githinji - August 2010

Job Analysis for Project Manager : 

Job Analysis for Project Manager JOB DESCRIPTION (EMPHASIS IS ON JOB) Creates and executes project work plans and revises as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements. Identifies resources needed and assigns individual responsibilities. Manages day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope. Reviews deliverables prepared by team before passing to client JOB SPECIFICATION (EMPHASIS ON INDIVIDUAL) Must have at least 2-years’ relevant experience, working as a paid worker or volunteer, in a social care setting Good writing skills and experience in producing written materials for external audiences Caroline Githinji - August 2010

Selection Process : 

Selection Process Caroline Githinji - August 2010 Long listing/Shortlisting Process Short listing: Review applications on the basis of the person specification. Ensure that you select for interview those who match the specifications, regardless of age, sex, race etc, and that the specifications are not themselves discriminatory. Interviews: Interview your short-listed candidates remembering that your job is not only to assess the best candidate for the job, but also to create a great impression of your organization.

Interviewing : 

Interviewing Caroline Githinji - August 2010 HR interview Technical interview Conducting tests [Aptitude / Mathematical / Analytical etc.] Initial final list of candidates. Reference check (if required)

Slide 20: 

Caroline Githinji - August 2010 Post - Interview Email or Telephone call to unsuccessful candidates Technical Manager approval for a start up date. Email or Telephone call to successful candidates HRM prepares a letter of appointment

Socialization Process : 

Socialization Process Initial Process – Recruitment & Selection Extended Process – Policies of organization, Introduction to superior, peers and related departments, Familiar with Work Culture, Job Description, Proper Training A well planned induction helps the employee to become integrated into the organization, maximizing morale through early success and quickly raising the level of performance. Recruitment is not complete until the individual is effective in the job and has adopted the values of the organization. Caroline Githinji - August 2010

Slide 23: 

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