A Bad Website is Worse than No Website

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A Bad Website is Worse than No Website:

A Bad Website is Worse than No Website NFINITY Web Design


The average customer will give a business website 3 second before deciding if they will continue or click away. Three seconds is a very short time to make a good impression with your website. A website is like your business’s billboard or storefront. If your website is not taken care of or looks broken down potential customers may wonder how you will take care of the customers or the quality of a product. You never want your website to be doing more harm than good for your business. If a website does not give a clear picture of the services or products, you are trying to sale customers will not be interested in pursuing your business. This situation will put you in a worse spot then if that potential customer had not seen a website at all. Without a bad website the potential customer may have picked up the phone to call for information.


A few questions to ask yourself while reviewing your current website. 1- Is your website clean? If there are a lot of advertisements or too much information customers may not know where to look for the information they are seeking. White space is clean. Add one logo and one search box. 2 – How long does it take to load? If your customer is away from wifi and on their phone (Android or Iphone ) does your website load quickly or take time? If it takes more than seven seconds to load it may be time for an update. 3 – Is your point clear? Never assume the website visitors know what your business is about. 4 – Can your website be easily found? Most people are on search engines trying to find a business. Your website needs to be visible in the search engines. If this is not happening SEO needs to be done.


So what does a good website need to have? First off, it needs to speak to your customers with a clear and concise objective. Think about your current customers and the future customers you want to bring into your business. Now ask yourself a question, “If my current customers saw my website right now, would they have pursued my business?” If you are not confident with the answer it may be time to update your website. Second, your website can be your digital business card. Customers go there to figure out how to contact your business whether that be via email, phone, twitter, LinkedIn, or commenting on a blog. This information should be very easy to find. Third, a website needs to have pictures of your products, or services. The pictures give the customers a clear idea of what your business can offer. NFINITY Web Design is an affordable website design company in Utah. Their web experts will design a professional website for your business. NFINITY’s team will work closely with you to figure out your goals and visions for your website. NFINITY also offers SEO to improve the traffic to your website and increase your customers. Visit nfinityweb.com or call us at 801-803-6488 for more information.

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