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Employee Time Tracking Software https://www.nextcrew.com/

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What is Timesheet Management Software Timesheet management is one of the most intense stressful tasks for a staffing agency. There are a lot of people involved and a lot of actions each party has to take to get from the start of the process to the end — which means that there is a lot of potential for problems and bottlenecks that leave everyone frustrated. https://www.nextcrew.com/

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What is a timesheet and how does it work The timesheet is a valuable method to record and track how much time each employee spends working. Hours worked provide reporting information to supervisors. They can view the labor hours required for specific positions and tasks. This information helps with scheduling assigning tasks and determining hiring needs. https://www.nextcrew.com/

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Heathcare Staffing Software ✧ Self-service portal for medical providers to maintain their profile and schedule. ✧ Our proprietary integrated e-signature module make on-boarding process fully paperless. ✧ Notification of jobs to providers based on their privileges discipline location and schedule. ✧ Notification to the staffing coordinators and provider when licenses are about to expire or create automatic task with the due dates so that such critical information can be managed efficiently. ✧ Scheduling system to allow staffing coordinator to easily see who is available and when. ✧ Ability to report expenses with an online timesheet – web or mobile app access. ✧ Allow staffing coordinator to create a pool of providers with privileges at a specific facility. Ability for end-client to approve timesheets online. https://www.nextcrew.com/

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HOW NEXTCREW CAN HELP With NextCrew’s cloud-based software you keep your healthcare staffing solutions at the forefront of an increasingly sophisticated market by providing better quality medical staff less time while ensuring the credentialing is sufficiently reported. Our intuitive white label platform helps you optimize efficiency from start to finish with self-service portals for medical professionals and hospitals or clinics. https://www.nextcrew.com/

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Contact us ✧ Address: 2700 Patriot Blvd. Suite 250 Glenview IL 60026 Phone: 888-228-7813 Email: supportnextcrew.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nextcrewcorp/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/nextcrewcorp Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nextcrew https://www.nextcrew.com/

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