2016 Latest Trends in Website Development

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2016 Latest Trends in Website Development


In terms of web design, 2015 have been an interesting year for the visual conduct of pages, which have been progressing. Here we are knocking out the main trends in this 2016, and the upcoming technologies and fashions are lined down by the Nexevo Technologies Web Developer in Bangalore .


Impact of CSS3 on the Layout Layout model’s will get an easier solution offered by Flex Box that is made for fast processing and easy to maintain pages with fewer hacks. There is the possibility to see a lot more creativity in designs. Power of Material Design Google material design have been the basis for UI development and presentation. This change reflects towards the smartphones as the first device and principle used to access the web above or over the laptop or desktop computer.


Typography and Colour Will Become Bolder Utilizing colour as a labelling device is the significant marketing tool while making effective use of the typography to boost values and express important messages. This has been known by every designer, but the decision has been controlled by what is possible technically. This change is more expected. Whereas the colours have remained unexpressed on the whole and the combination of brands and designers getting bolder.


Cinema Graphs Visual effects provided by Cinema graphs made the social media stream with home-made photos. This made content producers and advertisers recognize the control such photos can have. Less number of photos and more illustration is going to be the new trend as the illustrations more often allow one to place themselves in the scene, which connects the viewer more in a personal way. More Illustrations


Lazy Loading Lazy loading helps in viewing instant content on the website without any delay for the loading of the entire page that gives content continuously, and this is essential for the high visual websites, such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Nexevo Technologies- Web Designing Company have hired the experts that are ready to work with the upcoming new styles, trends and stories of 2016.

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