Crystal Reports-Creation of reports and sub reports

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Creating reports and sub reports in crystal reports From Newyorksys

Creating reports and sub reports in crystal reports:

Contents Create a report Create Sub report in the primary report Create on-demand Sub report in the primary report Identify the difference

Contents :

Summary Functions The Summary functions are all used to summarize field data Examples: Sum Average Minimum Maximum Count Distinct count etc.

Summary Functions:

Summary Functions(Continued) Click ‘Insert Summary’ on the Insert Menu Select the Summary function

Summary Functions(Continued):

Linking Tables When you add multiple database tables to your report, you need to link the tables on a common field so that records from one table match related records from another

Linking Tables:

Linking Tables (Continued) Primary Table Lookup Table

Linking Tables (Continued):

Linking Tables (Continued) Auto Link Automatically chooses links for your tables based on common fields in tables or indexed fields (if your database supports indexed fields). Link Processing Order Specify the link processing order using Order Links option in the Database Expert.

Linking Tables (Continued):

Linking Tables (Continued)

Linking Tables (Continued):

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