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Hadoop Online Training with real time experienced certified trainers Apache HADOOP training with Hive and Hbase Attend a demo on Apache Hadoop online Training


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www.newyorksys.com HADOOP overview & What is Big Data ? What is the relation between hadoop and big data ?

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www.newyorksys.com NewYorkSys 15 Roaring Brook Rd, Chappaqua , NY 10514. Phone : + 1-347-727-2649 + 1-718-313-0499 Email : enquiry@newyorksys.us Website : http://www.newyorksys.com

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www.newyorksys.com Contents What is Hadoop ? Hadoop and Big Data Why , Where, When ? Benefits of Hadoop How Hadoop Works?

What is Hadoop?:

www.newyorksys.com What is Hadoop? Hadoop was created by Douglas Reed Cutting , who named hadoop after his child’s stuffed elephant to support L ucene and Nutch search engine projects. Open-source project administered by Apache Software Foundation. Hadoop consists of two key services:

Hadoop Overview:

www.newyorksys.com Hadoop Overview Reliable data storage using the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). High-performance parallel data processing using a technique called MapReduce . Hadoop is large-scale, high-performance processing jobs — in spite of system changes or failures

Hadoop and Big data:

Hadoop and Big data Hadoop has been a major player in the Big Data scene Hadoop facilitates an enormous storage of data in the way we prefer by virtue of additional servers to its cluster. These servers adds more teeth to the cluster ie means more storage and more processing power to the total cluster. This makes data storage with Hadoop competitive than earlier methods of storage. Storage of data comes in cheaper terms for companies where it was a big deal previously www.newyorksys.com

Where and When Hadoop:

www.newyorksys.com Where and When Hadoop Where When Batch data processing, not real-time / user facing (e.g. Document Analysis and Indexing, Web Graphs and Crawling) Highly parallel data intensive distributed applications Very large production deployments (GRID) Process lots of unstructured data When your processing can easily be made parallel Running batch jobs is acceptable When you have access to lots of cheap hardware

Benefits of Hadoop:

www.newyorksys.com Benefits of Hadoop Hadoop is designed to run on cheap commodity hardware It automatically handles data replication and node failure It does the hard work – you can focus on processing data Cost Saving and efficient and reliable data processing

Hadoop Online Training Materials:

Hadoop Online Training Materials Newyorksys the leading IT online training offers online training in Hadoop Hadoop Online Training with real time experienced certified trainers Apache HADOOP training with Hive and Hbase Attend a demo on Apache Hadoop online Training www.newyorksys.com


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