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earning a great deal of money selling ink and laser toner printer cartridges? It’s called the New Deal Ink and Toner Company (NDITC), sweeping up profits all across the nation. If you’re looking for a new job, maybe a new career or wanting to start your own business, NDITC is your absolute solution to making money, without an inkjet toner refill machine, no franchise, no royalty fees, no management fees or complicated contracts. It’s a New Deal Ink and Toner Company.


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New Deal Ink & Toner I want you to know that our company can change everything. It’s truly a New Deal Ink & Toner Company.

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New Deal Ink & Toner Thousands of people want to become our dealers, Millions of people want to become our customers, We’re about people, not simply ink.

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New Deal Ink & Toner If you like helping people, If you enjoy meeting new people, If you’re an honest person, We need to talk.

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New Deal Ink & Toner ZIP We grant limited dealerships to the right people, based on their home zip codes. This might be your chance at something for your future.

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New Deal Ink & Toner YOU This is your opportunity to save lot’s of money and earn even more. So let’s see how this works for you?

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You can appreciate that we cannot give a perfect stranger all the insider secrets of the ink business.

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Many things are very confidential and important for your success and ours. New Deal Ink & Toner is worth a fortune and we’re going to share a part with you.

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You can become a limited dealership for our company. Don’t let the word limited bother you, it means that you never own part of our company, but you’re authorized to sell our products.

Slide 9: 

A typical dealer can earn between $500 and $3,000 per week part-time. A full-time dealer can earn between $30,000 and $60,000 per month.

Slide 10: 

Pick up any newspaper, Watch late night television, You’ll see thousands of ads for business opportunities. Earn money from home and never work…send us $100.00 for the secrets…

Slide 11: 

Sell our products and get your own internet web site…only $19.99 per month Any reasonable person understands that these ads are junk and worthless. They want your money and very little else.

Slide 12: 

We don’t want one penny from you. We don’t want your credit card. We don’t want your social security number. Stuff envelopes and get rich while you watch t.v., send $2.99 for info.

Slide 13: 

Start your own business and make money from home, sell our lipstick. We’re expanding our business, from coast to coast. We’re a neighborhood business. We’re a business of friends, not big business.

Slide 14: 

We’re changing lives one customer at a time. You’ll be able to look in the mirror knowing you’re helping other people.

Slide 15: 

Most of our dealers are ladies and we’re very proud of that fact. Our ladies have that natural ability to help other people save money.

Slide 16: 

You can change everything by selling our inkjet cartridges. Your next door neighbor has an inkjet printer. Your best friend has one and they will buy from you.

Slide 17: 

Inkjet printer cartridges are called consumables. They don’t last forever. People you know will buy an inkjet cartridges in the next 20 days.

Slide 18: 

They will buy their ink from Wal-Mart, Staples, Office-Max, Best Buy, Target, Office Depot or some other big box provider.

Slide 19: 

They see the expensive ads on T.V. all the time. They will go to the Big Box Retail Store and buy their ink.

Slide 20: 

They will pay, your friends will pay, your next door neighbor will pay, $29.88

Slide 21: 

This is what Wal-Mart charges for HP 15 Black ink, $29.88

Slide 22: 

New Deal Ink & Toner charges, $5.99

Slide 23: 

We serve regular people,people just like you, We’re like your local barber shop, With your help New Deal Ink & Toner will quickly become part of your neighborhood.

Slide 24: 

We want your customers to come back to you, over and over again. Ink cartridges are just like a haircut, in a matter of a few weeks you will need another one..

Slide 25: 

People, in all reality dread the purchase of an inkjet product, Big stores charge too much and they don’t have a lot of ink inside, We charge a lot less and we fill them up.

Slide 26: 

Our dealers make their first profits by simply telling their friends, family, You’re going to sell inkjet cartridges a lot faster than you can imagine, One person tells another, here you go.

Slide 27: 

We cannot afford T.V. ads, big newspaper layouts etc and offer wholesale prices at the same time. New Deal Ink & Toner authorized people to distribute and sell our products.

Slide 28: 

Your opportunity is to hand out our catalogs.

Slide 29: 

All you have to do is hand out our catalogs to your friends and family, We do everything else and you get paid.

Slide 30: 

Our catalog displays all the most popular inkjet cartridges and the lowest prices. Your friends and family will buy from you, over and over again.

Slide 31: 

But, there’s something else, Your 20 friends tell another 20 friends who tell another 20 friends,

Slide 33: 

We call it KA-POW! because people just love the price and our products, Everything, Factory warranty, Fully guaranteed, Satisfaction guaranteed

Slide 34: 

Our dealers become very popular around town, You will have the best products and the lowest prices anywhere, You’re going to make money.

Slide 35: 

Your local businessman spends about $750.00 yearly for every two employees. 10 employees, $7,500.00 100 employees, $75,000.00

Slide 36: 

You complete the simply order form and mail to the warehouse, Your boss saves a fortune and you make money, Over and over again…

Slide 37: 

You’ll be able to sell cartridges to everybody you know, and everybody you meet, New Deal stocks all the major brands

Slide 38: 

Our dealers get paid every week to get you started, Once you get going we pay you every month, It’s really nice getting paid to help other people.

Slide 39: 

You receive the catalogs and wholesale order forms for free, We need good people and we’re very willing to prove it to you.

Slide 40: 

New Deal Ink & Toner So, how do you get started with my company, You’re half way there now, Are you ready for some success?

Slide 41: 

New Deal Ink & Toner Are you ready to give something a try that really works? If you want some KA-POW in your life, If you want to earn a lot of money, You have to help other people..

Slide 42: 

People, all over the country, in your neighborhood are very tired of the high prices for ink.. A typical set of cartridges costs about $75.00.. Way too much.. Inkjet Cartridge $75.00

Slide 43: 

Inkjet Cartridge $75.00

Slide 44: 

People wanted a New Deal Ink and Toner Company, We’ve created the best solution, We heard the customers, We created the solution.

Slide 45: 

Across every fence in America, people are talking about the New Deal, Neighbor saving neighbor,

Slide 46: 

You receive a commission on every order,

Slide 47: 

No direct selling or phone calls, you simply give your friends the catalog and order form…

Slide 48: 

You can expect your first order in about 7 days and then another in about 6 to 8 weeks..for each catalog. If you give out 20 catalogs you can expect 20 orders in about 8 weeks..

Slide 49: 

You can expect the 20 first catalogs to create a need for 20 more catalogs in just under 30 days…and you can expect 400 catalog requests in about six to nine months..

Slide 50: 

You can expect 400 catalogs to produce about 1,600 orders in your first year..

Slide 51: 

We will send you the first 20 catalogs and order forms in the next few days.. There is a person right now marking off the days until they need an inkjet cartridge.. They need a catalog..

Slide 52: 

This is your rainy day income.. Earning extra money without any cost to you.. You start with 20 catalogs and grow the business.. You’re going to make money..

Slide 53: 

Just like driving your car, you have to start it, sales are the same way..

Slide 54: 

You should test drive a car before you buy, so order a set of cartridges for your printer and try them..

Slide 55: 

Send us an email for your first free catalog,

Slide 56: 

If you have the catalog, order a set of cartridges…you have the order form..

Slide 57: 

With your first order..we’ll send you 20 sale catalogs..with discount coupons..

Slide 58: 

People are hungry for these great deals..and you’re going to become our dealer in the right zip code.. We’ll also send our dealer payment schedule to you..

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