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Things to know about MAG 322 Common Features of MAG 322 At the front and back of the MAG 332 there are two USB ports respectively. There are also ports for HDMI LAN Ethernet and AVM beside its mains plug port. The design of the product is very compact meaning that it does not need a lot of space to be exclusively kept. The MAG 332 has an 8-Core CPU built in for fast processing a RAM of 512MB and the display that is given through the device is full 1080 High Definition. Streaming 4K resolution with this box however is not possible. For viewership with an even higher quality connect HDMI for direct support. The performance of the device goes up a notch as a result of the connection. The Linux Operating System used in MAG 332 is 3.3 which is more advanced compared to the 3.1 used in the previous models. The Build Compared to the previous designs the MAG 332 is much lighter and has a remote which has buttons more easily accessible in the grip of a hand. Some other optimizations including dulling the color to make it more aesthetic and changing the location of the power button for fast usage have also been done in the newer model. While the core design of the box remains quite similar to its predecessors it looks as if the durability of the new box can outdo the previous ones. Wi-Fi Compatibility The MAG W1 version highlights that this model is equipped with Wi-Fi which shows compatibility with 2.4 GHz channels which is the frequency of channels in all home routers. Interface and Ease of Use

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MAG has always been known for its ease of usage given the absence of the need to install an interface separately before you can access the device’s features. The surfing of content on the internet connection is very easy making the whole experience one that you should look forward to in case you do not own a MAG. Core Focus on TV The MAG 332 despite all upgrades which make processing faster than it has ever been before the focus of MAG has always been people who are on the lookout for customizing their TV experience only. It is important to highlight that Android boxes today come with the capacity of having IPTV and a number of other features including gaming social media surfing etc. The MAG has never been a product striving for diversity it has always worked towards perfection in the field it belongs to. This makes MAG 332 the pinnacle of high grade focused performance you can get in terms of IPTV. Installation and Stream Speed Through the router you can connect device to your Wi-Fi after the initial firmware is updated. After these few minutes of waiting the next times you turn on your TV for personal entertainment you will notice that the buffering time is almost negligible. In addition you will most likely not need a router with antennas to secure stronger signals because the W1 gives promising results and shows strong connection at all times. Newtech Store Limited Website: box-latest-model-uk-us-eu-power-genuine.html

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